Selena Gets Questioned About Dating The Weeknd, Has the Perfect Answer

The phrase "Oh, Mylanta!" is definitely used.

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ICYMI (doubtful), The Weeknd and Selena Gomez are dating. In fact, they're dating so seriously that they're in the "we wear each other's sweatshirts" phase. And while their relationship is pretty low-key, it didn't come sans drama: you see, The Weeknd was dating Bella Hadid before Selena, and they tend to run in the same Taylor Swift-centric circles.

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All that is to say, the internet is *highly* curious about Selena's relationship with The Weeknd, and she was finally asked about dating him during an interview with Vogue. Her response? Equal parts hilarious, cagey, and honest.

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"Oh, Mylanta!" she said, while eating cheesy puffs. "Look, I love what I do, and I'm aware of how lucky I am, but—how can I say this without sounding weird? I just really can't wait for people to forget about me."

She also told the magazine that "everything she's said about her relationships in the past has come back to bite her, and that she will never do it again," so don't expect any more Weeknd-themed musings from Sel anytime soon.

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