The Most Embarrassing 'KUWTK' Clips That Kim Probably Wishes She Could Wipe from the Internet



Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been on since the dawn of time (read: 2007), and things have changed a lot since its debut episode. Namely, Kim Kardashian married Kanye West, became super high fashion, and stopped going to pole dancing classes on camera. But because the internet is eternal, all of Kim's most iconic moments still exist, and we've rounded them up. Because #Memories.

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When She and Khloe Tried to Find a Coffee Shop and Accidentally Insulted a Deaf Woman

Quotable line: "Oh you're deaf...okay, thank you! Love you! She's deaf, you bitch."

When She Threw a Fit and Demanded a Suite at Her Hotel

Quotable line: "I'm not going if I'm not having a suite at the Setai! I want the $2,500 room!"

When She Got Botox and Had an Allergic Reaction

Quotable line: "What if he hit a nerve? Seriously!"

When Her Sisters Put on "War Paint" and Pretended to Be Part of a "Tribe"

Quotable line: "We gotta think of a tribe name!"

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When She Performed a Burlesque Show for the Pussy Cat Dolls

Quotable line: "I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling really dirty tonight so I think it's time we take a bath."

When She Had a Meltdown About Zip Lining

Quotable line: "I don't wanna do it. NO! NO! NO!"

That Time She Married Kris Humphries

Quotable line: "I do."

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When She Got a Vampire Facial

Quotable line: "*&%#@."

When She Got Spray Tanned

Quotable line: "Thank god, I look dark again!"

When She Had a Meltdown Over a Spider


When She Had a Breakdown Over Her Diamond Earring

Quotable line: "Kim, there's people that are dying."

When She Declared Her Obsession with Hot Dogs on a Stick

Quotable line: "I will never eat Taco Bell again, that does not make me horny."

When She Took a Stripper Pole Class with Her Mom

Quotable line: "This is so embarassing."

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