Pippa Middleton's Wedding Etiquette Tips, According to a Former Royal Butler

"With royals, you don't go up and speak to them."

Royal Butler Etiquette tips for Pippa Middleton's Wedding
(Image credit: YouTube/Sky News)

The former butler to Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry, appeared on Sky News on Saturday to discuss Pippa Middleton's wedding (opens in new tab), and the etiquette expected of guests. Grant Harrold dubs himself "Britain's Official Etiquette Expert", and having worked with the royal family, he has a keen insight into how attendees will be expected to behave.

Harrold was quick to state that the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Matthew (opens in new tab)s (opens in new tab), "will have the feel of a royal wedding, and of course there'll be a lot of security. But it's not exactly a royal wedding because it's not royals getting married." But as Kate Middleton's family will be there, the event's security is understandably tight.

The Royal Butler chatted to Sky News (opens in new tab) about the "protocols that have got to be considered" when attending an event with the royal family. He said, "Traditional protocol would state that with royals, you don't go up and speak to them. You wait for them to actually come to you." Basically, patience is key, which is obviously important advice for any fan of the royal family who one day hopes to meet them.

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The etiquette expert was also asked if Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle (opens in new tab) had been getting "etiquette lessons", but he said this was unlikely. According to Harrold, apparently "the royal etiquette is known, there is no secret about it". This should give everyone hope that they too can one day become a royal.

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Harrold did reveal that he gives classes on royal etiquette (opens in new tab), which might be something you want to add to your birthday wish list.

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