Piers Morgan Just Out-Trolled Himself During a Sexist Rant About Amber Rose's Nude Pic

And no, she's not here for it.

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In case you missed the internet breaking this weekend, Amber Rose released a nude photo to promote her annual Slutwalk. Annnnnd surprise, surprise: professional troll Piers Morgan was aghast at the sight of a woman's pubic hair, and told her to put "it" away. (Ummm, it?! Check your language, buddy.)

First of all, Amber Rose is not Morgan's "luv." Second of all, it's not his job to police a woman's body—so naturally, Rose fired back. And even more naturally, Morgan refused to apologize.

Clearly, Morgan has never looked up the definition of "misogyny," because he became very confused and needed to be put in his place.

After this round of tweets, Morgan made it clear that he can "handle" Rose's naked body (cool, good to know), but finds nudity in the name of feminism a sham. Because in case you aren't aware, Piers Morgan is the sole person on the internet who gets to define feminism!!!

Rose then whipped out this picture to expose Morgan's double standard, and sadly he still failed to understand how insanely sexist he is.

At this point Morgan tweeted a semi-nude photo of himself promoting Burger King, which gave Rose an opportunity to pretty much shut the conversation down.

In conclusion: stop tweeting about women's bodies, Piers Morgan.

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Mehera Bonner
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