Because She Doesn't Do Anything Half Way, Rihanna Would Like an Oscar Now That She's Acting

Same, Rihanna. Same.

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Rihanna plays to win, so it's no wonder that now that she's branching out more and more into acting (she's appearing in this summer's Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and the upcoming all-female Ocean's 11 reboot), she's aiming high.

According to Metro, the singer-turned-actress recently revealed that she has her sights set on an Oscar.

"I'd love to get there one day," she said when asked about the prestigious acting award. "Who doesn't want to be told they are doing a great job? Any validation that your work is impacting is rewarding. I work hard and put my all into everything I do but the rest isn't up to me."

But, just because she'd like an Oscar doesn't mean that's what's on her mind when she's actually acting.

"I don't think anyone makes an album thinking about winning a Grammy, or makes a movie thinking about winning an Oscar," she explained. "What you do is work as hard as you can and if awards follow, then that's great."

While RiRi respects actors who go method, she says she wasn't able to test out the technique herself for Valerian—which is fair, since she plays a shapeshifting alien in the movie and that would be pretty hard to keep up off-set.

"It's pretty difficult to method act when it comes to playing a shape-shifting entertainer but, seriously, I have nothing but respect for the actors that do," she said. "If you look at the well-known method actors of the generation, they put in incredible performance after incredible performance. It's no coincidence."

Giving respect today, (hopefully) getting respect at a future Academy Awards ceremony.

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