These 'Friends' Bloopers Will Be Here for You When the Rain Starts to Fall

David Schwimmer laughing through the "pivot" scene = priceless.

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If you've run out of beauty videos, cat videos, and literally everything else the internet has to offer, rejoice! A plethora of Friends bloopers have been lurking around YouTube this entire time, and they are legitimately a *joy* to watch. We've rounded up the best of the best, but fair warning: millions of these things exist, and you will end up in a blooper spiral which could last up to several hours/days. You've been warned.

In Which Literally *No One* Can Handle David Schwimmer Playing the Bagpipes

In Which Matt LeBlanc Falls Over Repeatedly

In Which Matthew Perry Makes His "Sex Face," and David Schwimmer Simply Can't

In Which Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc Break Character After Kissing

In Which Cole Sprouse Shades David Schwimmer for Forgetting His Lines

In Which Courteney Cox Literally Cannot Play Ping Pong

In Which Everyone LOLs Through the Famous "Pivot" Scene

In Which David Schwimmer Walks into a Wall

In Which They All Make Dirty Jokes, Including "You Can't Change Your Name to Banana F*cker"

And Finally, in Which Rachel Can't Get Through the Line: "How Do You Expect Me to Grow, When You Won't Let Me Blow"


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