Need to Meet: Birdy

The 15-year-old English musician is off to a great start with a song on the new "The Hunger Games" soundtrack.

As The Hunger Games is now only days from premiering, Jennifer Lawrence — who plays the film's bow-and-arrow-throwing heroine Katniss Everdeen — is fast becoming a household name. But there's another name that we predict will be on everyone's lips once The Hunger Games reaches its fever pitch. And she's called Birdy.

You won't see Birdy's name in the movie credits, but the 15-year-old (she's young enough to be a tribute in the Games!) English musician is listed alongside the likes of Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire, Miranda Lambert, and Maroon 5 on the film's much-anticipated soundtrack, The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond, which is on sale today.

Birdy's original song "Just a Game" is the closing track, and it's a haunting anthem perfect for anyone on Team Peeta. And although her voice marks the end of the soundtrack, it's just the beginning of what will now surely be a fast rise to the top. In fact, today she's also releasing her self-titled debut album, a soulful collection of covers — Bon Iver's "Skinny Love" was her very first single.

So we are definitely counting our blessings to have had the chance to visit with her in our office last month, before The Hunger Games-related chaos ensued. MC's Sergio Kletnoy sat down with the adorable girl (who was rocking braces in the cutest way possible!) and coaxed her into sharing the story behind her nickname, how she wrote her first song at eight years old, and why she can be quite bossy! She even shows off her vocal chops with a little Justin Bieber.

She is only 15, after all.