All the Sentimental Jewelry Prince William Has Given Kate Middleton

Here are the most romantic pieces of jewelry Prince William has given to Kate Middleton.

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Like any good spouse, Prince William buys Kate Middleton the occasional present. Unlike most other spouses, his presents tend to be super fancy jewels worthy of royalty because she is just that. Here are all the glitzy gifts William has given his wife, and the sentimental meaning behind them.

1. Her Awww-Worthy Victorian Eternity Band

Her Awww-Worthy Victorian Eternity Band

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Kate owns a truly stunning Victorian eternity band made from garnets (her birthstone) and pearls (the birthstone of Prince William). She's been wearing the ring on and off since the early days of their courtship, and lore (read: royal-obsessed blogs) says it was purchased by HRH. 

2. Her Engagement Ring (Duh) 

Her Engagement Ring (Duh)

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As you're probably well-aware, Kate's engagement ring once belonged to Princess Diana, and features fourteen diamonds surrounding a twelve carat sapphire. Apparently, Prince Charles allowed his sons to pick a memento from Diana's collection when she died—and it was actually Harry who picked the ring, while William chose his mother's Cartier watch. They switched items when Will decided to propose to Kate. 'It is very special to me," he said. "It was my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today, and the excitement, and the fact we are going to spend the rest of our lives together."

3. Her Welsh Gold Wedding Band

Her Welsh Gold Wedding Band

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Perhaps the most significant gift from her husband, Kate's wedding band is made of Welsh gold that belongs to the royal family. As in, the royal family casually has a stockpile of gold. Shrug! Per a royal spokesman: "The wedding ring that Catherine Middleton will wear will be made of Welsh gold. The gold was given to Prince William by The Queen shortly after the couple were engaged. It has been in the family's possession for some years and has been in the care of the royal jewelers. There are no further details on which mine the gold was mined from." Mine receipts or it didn't happen, tbh. 

4. Her Sapphire and Diamond Earrings 

Her Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

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You may have noticed that Kate has a pair of earrings that perfectly match her engagement ring. They also belonged to Princess Diana, and were given to Kate by William in 2011. According to Us Weekly, the earrings were believed to be Diana's "most prized" jewels, while a source told the Daily Mail "now that they're married, William wanted her to have some of his mother's favorite pieces."

5. Her Christmas Earrings 

Her Christmas Earrings

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Kate wore this pair of earrings during her first Christmas with the royal family back in 2011. They're by one of her favorite jewelers Kiki McDonough, and are believed to have been a gift from Prince William. 

6. Her Cartier Watch

Her Cartier Watch

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Prince William reportedly gave his wife a Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch for their third wedding anniversary. The watch has a sapphire stone, which conveniently matches her engagement ring. Well played, William. 

Cartier, $6,500


7. Her Diamond Eternity Band 

Her Diamond Eternity Band

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After the birth of Prince George, Kate was seen wearing a mysterious third ring on her wedding finger. Turns out it's a diamond eternity band, said to have been given to her as a "push present" from her husband. 

8. Her Pink Diamond (Maybe Brooch) 

Her Pink Diamond (Maybe Brooch)

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As an additional push present, William *reportedly* gave Kate a diamond flower brooch, commissioned by his grandmother's royal jewelers and featuring a pink stone. 

9. Her Push Present for Baby Charlotte

Her Push Present for Baby Charlotte

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To commemorate the birth of their second child, William is said to have bought Kate a pair of KiKi McDonough earrings made from amethyst and tourmaline. She was seen wearing them during a trip to India. 

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