Prince William and Princess Kate's Parenting Will Keep Prince George "Humble," Expert Says

He is learning valuable lessons.

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Marie Claire has previously reported that Prince George is asked to do chores when he's not at school, and one parenting expert thinks that his parents Prince William and Princess Kate are doing a great job of making sure their eldest learns lessons that are valuable for any kid his age.

For example, royal expert Katie Nicholl recently told OK!, "I’d imagine they’ll have all the children doing chores like laying the table for dinner in return for pocket money or rewards like screen time."

Parenting expert Stephanie Wallis praised this strategy for keeping the young future King's grounded in a little normality.

"There is greater importance for Prince George to learn the value of money because money is no object for him," Wallis told Express.

"We know that Kate and William are very hands-on parents who teach their children in a way that will keep their feet firmly on the ground and humble as they grow up.

"George will be encouraged within the household to do age-appropriate tasks that are naturally expected from a child his age, such as picking up after himself, doing his homework and putting his toys away once he’s finished playing with them."

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Wallis then suggested the way she assumes the Prince and Princess of Wales go about teaching their children these important life skills.

"Kate and William would have worked out as parents what activities and jobs around the house are part of family life and they would be expecting George to do these anyway," she said.

"Then a list of 'over and above' tasks that if George completes he can earn himself pocket money or screen time.

"This is a wonderful strategy, one that keeps young children motivated and incentivized without them expecting to be rewarded financially or with a treat for every little thing they do, which is naturally expected of them anyway."

Wallis believes that the Waleses are teaching George how to be especially responsible because of the role he will one day play as King.

"Therefore George having key responsibilities in the household, purely assigned to him, will help him to develop this skill and his own self-worth," she said.

George and his siblings Charlotte and Louis have recently started at a new school near Windsor, where I have no doubt all three children will be learning even more life skills that will serve them well as they grow up.

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