Prince William Reveals His Favorite Board Game, Christmas Movie, and More in Adorable Interview

Cutest. interview. ever.

Prince William with his kids
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It's no secret that the Royal Family celebrates the holidays a little different from us average folks, from black tie dinners to star-studded concerts. But in a recent interview, Prince William revealed one tradition that feels very familiar: fighting over board games.

While speaking to Radio Marsden Hospital’s radio station from Kensington Palace, William answered questions from young patients (some as young as three years old) about how he celebrates Christmas—right down to the games his family likes to play.

“We're playing board games with the children quite a lot. We love playing Monopoly and Risk—that's a good one, it goes on for hours.” Prince William said. “Some people get quite cross when they lose.” 

The Duke of Cambridge also spoke about his favorite foods, top holiday songs, and more. See all of the cute questions William was asked, along with his answers, below:

Do you like Brussels sprouts?: "I love Brussels sprouts. It's very important to eat our greens."

What do you want for Christmas?: "if I had to choose right now then I would say I want my favorite team, which is Aston Villa, to win their football match on Boxing Day."

Do you like ice skating?: "I do like ice skating, but I'm not very good. My feet go all over the place and i look like a deer on ice. It's not very pretty."

What's your favorite Christmas film?: "I would have to say, probably Elf. It's very funny and i keep watching it every Christmas and it still makes me laugh."

Where would you like to go?: "I love Africa, so i'd like to go and do some more exploring in Africa."

Do you have a Lamborghini?: "I wish! I would love to have a Lamborghini—a big, bright yellow Lamborghini. But no, unfortunately, I don’t have a Lamborghini. I’m going to have to save up for one of those when I get older."

What's your favorite Christmas song to sing along to?: "I could say Mariah Carey, who i love dearly, but i think i'll probably go with 'Feliz Navidad.' It’s a bit more jolly."

Is Elf on the Shelf coming to your house?: "I actually don't know what Elf on the Shelf is, but it sounds quite fun!"

If you were in charge of Christmas for a day, how would you celebrate it with the world?: "I think I'd have to make sure everyone could enjoy it. So we'd have to bring everyone together and have a big party. There would be no COVID and there would certainly be no cancer in the world if I was in charge of Christmas for the day."

Listen to the entire adorable interview at Radio Marsden's website.

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