Prince William Shares Update on Kate Middleton and Their Three Children

The Prince of Wales recently spent his first night away from his wife since her cancer diagnosis.

rince William, Prince of Wales visits Nansledan to see the site where the Duchy of Cornwall's first ever innovative housing project to help address homelessness will be built on May 9, 2024 in Newquay, England.
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Prince William is once again giving royal fans and the media alike a quick update on how Kate Middleton and the couple's children are doing as his wife continues preventative cancer treatments.

On Friday, May 10, while the Prince of Wales visited the St. Mary's Community Hospital in the Isles of Scilly, hospital administrator Tracy Smith asked Prince William "how Princess Kate was doing."

"She's doing well, thank you," Prince William replied, according to a video shared by Sky News.

"Lovely, and the children as well?" Smith inquired, referring to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

"The children are very jealous that I'm here and that they're not here as well," William answered.

The Prince of Wales spent his first night away from his wife in order to tend to his royal duties—including visiting the St. Marry's Community Hospital—since Middleton announced she has been diagnosed with cancer following a planned abdominal surgery in January.

Prince William, Prince of Wales, known as the Duke of Cornwall when in Cornwall, speaks to Lynda McHale during a visit to St. Mary's Community Hospital, Isles of Scilly, to meet staff and hear about a new integrated health and social care facility which is set to be built on adjacent land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall on May 10, 2024 in Isles of Scilly, England.

Prince William speaks to Lynda McHale during a visit to St. Mary's Community Hospital, Isles of Scilly.

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Not too long ago, while visiting James' Place Newcastle—a charity opened by the Prince of Wales that provides support and assistance to men experiencing suicidal ideation or crisis—Prince William gave another brief update on his family after a member of the public asked the prince: "Do you mind if I ask how your wife and children are?"

 "All doing well, thank you," Prince William responded. "Yes, all doing well."

"I mean, obviously Catherine..." the onlooker continued.

"We're all doing well, thank you," the Prince of Wales insisted.

While Prince William is providing positive—albeit short—updates on his wife's health and wellness, behind-the-scenes the Prince and Princess of Wales are reportedly "going through hell."

"I'm heartbroken at the moment," Amaia Arietta, a designer who has been responsible for some of Prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte and Prince Louis' most memorable looks throughout the years, recently told The Telegraph. "I think they are going through hell."

"I hope they will be back," Arietta continued. "It's really personal."

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While her husband has returned to his public-facing royal duties, Middleton is still staying away from the spotlight as she continues to undergo preventative chemotherapy treatments for an unspecified type of cancer.

On Friday, May 3, the Times of London reported that the Princess of Wales is "expected to be away from public duties for some time," adding that Middleton could—down the road—be "keen" to attend public-facing events "when she feels able to."

 A spokesperson for Kensington Palace went on to explain that "any initial public events" the Princess of Wales attends "will not necessarily signal a return to a regular public schedule," the Tatler reported.

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