Prince William Has "Lost His Support Act in Harry," Royal Expert Says

They used to be super close.

Prince William, Princess Catherine, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry at Windsor
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Any royal watcher knows that Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship is seemingly at an all-time low following the Sussexes' royal exit and Harry's revelations across various media projects and interviews.

But while Prince Harry has been vocal about the hurt he's dealing with, Prince William—per royal protocol—has had to be much more private about his feelings on the whole thing.

"The last couple of years have been challenging. We’ve had the brothers falling out and Megxit and I think it has been difficult for William," royal expert Katie Nicholl explains to OK!.

Thankfully, William isn't alone in navigating this difficult time. "He’s lost his support act in Harry but he really recognizes that he has an invaluable support act in Kate," Nicholl adds.

"I think they are equally proud of each other but they've really needed to be there for each other over these last couple of years and I think Kate has been a huge support at a time when he really needed it."

Beyond that, Princess Kate has really come into her own as an integral part of the Royal Family, according to Nicholl.

"She hasn’t been afraid to show us that image of herself as a royal mother," she says.

"What I think is her great success is being there as a future Queen Consort, supporting William and being a hands-on mum and managing to juggle all these roles."

As for the Prince and Princess of Wales' relationship, it sounds like it has some incredibly solid foundations.

"I have traveled the world with them and they are a brilliant team," Nicholl continues.

"They finish one another’s sentences and they are always there for each other, which is why it works.

"We’ve seen Kate as a solo act increasingly over recent years and she’s very capable on her own and very happy.

"But they’re also a very effective and powerful double act, so while I think we’ll see a lot of this, I think we will see more of Kate coming out on her own as the new Princess of Wales in 2023."

Last year, Princess Kate notably took a solo trip to Denmark, and visited countless organizations that work on causes close to her heart. Let's see what's on her agenda this year!

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