Princess Kate Made a "Congealed Blob" on Pancake Day, By Her Own Admission

Where's Mary Berry when you need her?

Catherine, Princess of Wales, flips a pancake as she visits the Oxford House Nursing Home to meet with staff and residents and hear how delivering high-quality, patient-focused care is at the centre of the homes work on February 21, 2023 in Slough, England.
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Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is a big deal in the U.K.

To celebrate on Feb. 21, Princess Kate headed for a royal engagement at Oxford House Nursing Home in Slough, where among other things, she attempted to make a pancake of her own. (BTW, these British pancakes are more like a thick French crêpe than they are an American breakfast pancake, and they're traditionally eaten with lemon and sugar, or Nutella, for example.)

Anyway, this impromptu cooking session did not go as planned, and the Princess of Wales ended up making what she herself called a "congealed blob," joking that she was showing everyone how "not to make" a pancake, per Express.

Rebecca English, a royal reporter who witnessed the scene live and in person, shared footage of the poor princess getting more and more flustered as she ran into problem after problem.

Tweeting about it, English said, "I’m not sure the pan was hot enough and there was a LOT of pressure cooking o in front of all of us!" and to be honest, it does look like Kate was doing the best she could with what she had, and I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have done any better.

In the earlier clip, the royal has just poured batter onto a pan set on a hot plate, and is poking at it with a spatula.

"See, this is where I go wrong—I obviously try and turn them too quickly," she remarks, when the batter refuses to lift from the pan.

Behind the camera, you can hear journalists, and presumably care home staff, laughing, so it makes it extra ironic when the chef who is helping Kate tells her, "There's no pressure here."

The princess then quips, in an attempt to defuse the awkwardness, "I wish there was, like, music going on."

She then makes a pretty solid point: "I hope I can watch everyone else doing this after this," she says. I mean, it's only fair.

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In the second clip, Kate looks increasingly embarrassed as her pancake loses its shape entirely and becomes that famed "congealed blob."

"I've seen you do it, but there's no way," she tells the chef, adding, "Please don't tell anyone this is my one."

Kate then bravely decides to try flipping the pancake, saying, "I'm going to try and go... I think it's going to get stuck."

In the end, she does manage to flip the pancake, although it still looks terrible by the time she's done with it.

"All the ones that were made earlier are much nicer than this one. I'm sorry. I haven't done you justice," Kate tells the chef. "Would you like to show them how to do it properly?"

I love this so much.

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