Rami Kashou on Episode 7 of Project Runway

Recapping the 7th episode of Project Runway is season 4 finalist Rami Kashou.

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Recapping the 7th episode is season four finalist Rami Kashou. Be sure to check out Rami's website, ramikashou.com!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I think that this Macy's challenge episode proves that it is not easy to design a contemporary line. While a designer stays true to ones vision, one also needs to find the balance between the design vision and the appeal to a mass market of all shapes and sizes. As simple as it may seem to design casual clothes for every day women, it turns out to be more difficult than designing high end clothes in my opinion. As I looked at the designs, I felt that most were lacking a sense of fun...they seemed a little too simple and could have used a little umph! I think it is easy for one to sway in what has been seen on the racks of Macy's and designing along the lines of what they normally sell. The thing is I think that such stores are always looking for something new and different which could have helped some designers if they took some of their designs a few steps up.

I am not here to question ones taste in design of course, this is all a matter of personal opinion. I felt that the winning dress was clean, feminine and a style that Macy's has probably sold before, it was not something that is very new. But well made and marketable. Therefore well done to the winning team. The shirt dress could have been more improved by some editing in length I think. If it were shorter and if the collar sat better, the results could have been different.Michael Kors shared some comments that amused most audiences watching but probably hurt the designer.. I felt for him as he cried, granted it wasn't my favorite look. The bubble blouse and tights would have made a much better dress if it were flowy without tights and a different collar. I do feel with the designers though. One thing I learned from watching the show and being on it; is that it is always easy to claim one could have done better when in reality.. none of us know what kind of circumstances and pressures the designers are under.

That being said I see both sides pretty well. I did like the look that the team Shirin was in .. I thought the looks were winning looks as much, elegant, fun and marketable. In terms of the the drama around the ruffled dresses, I thought that was blown out of proportion .. just slightly don't you think? I mean.. one of the dresses I was not a fan of at all.. but the dark navy dress with front bodice ruffles was pretty in a fun secretary way. Granted I don't think they were the "Macy's" customer when I look at them from that angle. In conclusion, you never know who is going to get the the wrist slap.. and it's all a matter of who missed by a hair or two.... or which side of the bed the judges woke up on that day.It's been fun sharing a few thoughts about this episode.. and I encourage all the designers to forge ahead! No matter who says what...follow your instincts !