Korto Momolu on Episode 10 of Project Runway, Season Six

Season five finalist and fan favorite Korto Momolu recaps the latest episode of Project Runway, season 6.

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Recapping the tenth episode is season five finalist and fan favorite Korto Momolu. Be sure to check out Korto's website, kortomomolu.com!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


So it's getting down to the nitty girtty and the designers are shrinking in numbers. The pressure is on and its gonna be interesting to see how this plays out tonight. The designers are off to my boy Mike's showroom on Rodeo Drive and they are given some of his favorite inspiration places to use for the next challenge. Pretty cool vacation spots to choose from. Everyone picks, and are off to Mood with $150.00, and seems like some arrogance is in the air.

Irina's concerned there too much laughing and not enough seriousness in the workroom...relax, diva, its a reality show. A little laughter under stress never hurt anybody. Everyones freaking because Michael is back and he usually has a sharp tongue. I'd be worried too. He usually doesn't hold back on the punch lines. Tim comes in and he's not impressed for the most part. I loved Gordana's necklace and I hope she pulls off the look to go with it. Althea's is looking ok, and Miss Irina "I got this in the bag" is feeling her Aspen look. Carol Hannah's not sure what she's doing yet, but I have confidence she'll pull it together. The boys on the other hand need to really step it up. I think at this point they can all be sent home. I say let the 4 girls left duke it out until the end, but since that's not going happen lets see who stays for another week of stress.

The runway:

Logan- suspenders are not the business, it looks really Forever 21 without the sequins. Althea- it's ok, she's safe. Carol Hannah- chanelled Uli in this one; I would wear it, lined of course. Christopher- not quite feeling this look or color but the belt is really cute...yay for the self taught designer!! Gordana- dress turned out good, happy for her but I agree you gotta stand tall honey, confidence is key! Nicholas- not sure what happened... bless his heart. And drum roll for the self proclaimed only serious designer of the night: Irina wins! Two words honey...humble pie!

It's been lovely as always to revisit my past life but with new characters, i wish them all the best: it only gets harder from here.