Project Runway Season 12 Recap: Episode Three

Tensions were running high on this week's episode of Project Runway, which had designers in pairs crafting garments out of carnival toys.

From the episode's opening minutes, where the designers were a paid a visit by Heidi Klum at 5:30 in the morning, it was clear that this week's episode of Project Runway was sure to throw some curveballs. And throw some curveballs it did: for this week's challenge, designers not only were divided into pairs, but had a even bigger obstacle to overcome when it came to material: rather than fabric, they were restricted to the toys they won at the games at Coney Island.

As with all team challenges, tensions are sure to rise. Sandro and Sue. Sandro proved he had a temper last week, and it seemed that this week he wanted to uphold his reputation, refusing to compromise on designs and having constant critiques up his sleeve. Sue eventually gave into his demands simply to make the process easier, telling him 'I'll be your assistant'.

However, the real pairing mishap was hometown rivals Miranda and Timothy. The two's history was a surefire way to cause some tension. Their initial efforts to get along proved successful, but when the two received a negative critique from Tim, that's when the real trouble started: Miranda shut down and became moody and silent—until she wasn't. When she started bad-mouthing Timothy right in front of him, he retreated from the studio, almost ready to leave the competition. However, a heartfelt letter from his model, Sophie, convinced him to keep going, and thankfully, Miranda apologized for her behavior the next morning.

When judging rolled around, good teamwork proved to be the recipe for designer success: the two pairs that had been getting along swimmingly throughout the episode, Alexandra and Dom and Kate and Helen gained the good favor of Heidi, Nina, Zac and guest judge Kelly Osbourne. Where as the bickering duo of Miranda and Timothy landed themselves at the bottom, with the fighting continuing onto the runway—in front of the judges! Of the two, Timothy was the one sent packing. Kate and Helen's sombrero-crafted dress was beautiful and unique, and rightfully took home first place. We loved it!

Tune in next week for the fourth episode of Project Runway Season 12 at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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