The Queen "Was Definitely a Chocoholic," Says Former Royal Chef

You and me both, Your Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Cumbria
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Some reports of what members of the Royal Family eat sound kind of dreary, to be honest. They have to abide by so many rules, like not eating seafood or frickin' potatoes in public.

The Queen herself isn't exactly the most adventurous eater: She doesn't like onion or garlic (, and her favorite foods (cereal, toast with marmalade, fresh fish and vegetables) are decidedly—let's say—purist.

BUT! Thankfully, Queen Elizabeth II does count at least one fun food in her diet: She's all about that chocolate life, baby.

"The Queen was definitely a chocoholic, she loves dark chocolate," former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed in an interview with Coffee Friend.

"I used to make a mousse au chocolate et cafe, a dark chocolate mousse, and I added in some real espresso coffee to intensify the flavour. So that was on the menu quite a bit at Buckingham Palace.

"We also used to make a coffee mousse. At banquets when the Queen was entertaining, the most popular dessert on the menu often was an ice cream bombe. We did a bombe glacée coppelia which was coffee ice cream filled with praline and decorated with whipped cream and liquor coffee beans." Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.

And TBH, you probably would have guessed that Her Majesty is a bit of a chocolate fiend if you'd just done a quick internet search through readily available imagery. Her face when being presented with a chocolate treat is utterly priceless. But don't just take my word for it—see below for hard proof.

Here's the monarch absolutely beaming as she accepts a chocolate Easter egg from French pastry chef François Duthu in Paris in 2004:

Queen Elizabeth II receives a chocolate Easter egg from pastry chef Francois Duthu (L) while Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe watches, as the monarch visits Rue Montorgueil in Paris

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And another one from a royal fan in York:

Queen Elizabeth II Visits York For The Royal Maundy Service

(Image credit: Getty/Max Mumby/Indigo)

I'm positively OBSESSED with the look of utter longing on the Queen's face as she watches someone make a chocolate cake:

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Cumbria

(Image credit: Getty/Pool/Tim Graham Royal Photos)

Last but not least: Let's be real, she doesn't look too upset about visiting the Mars bar factory either...

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Mars Chocolate

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If I had to reign over a whole country, I'd need a little choccy to take the edge off, too.

Iris Goldsztajn
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