Rebel Wilson Admits Writing Memoir Was "Gut-Wrenching, Emotional"

We're about to see a whole new side of the star.

Rebel Wilson
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You may not have seen in on-screen, but Rebel Wilson had a big year: after a 2022 that was filled with love and a baby, 2023 saw the actress directing her first film, getting engaged, and writing a memoir.

"Just another few thousand to go!" the actress quipped as she signed huge stacks of the front pages that will go in the book on her Instagram Stories. "I can't wait for you to read this, you're going to see a whole new side of me. Lots of funny stuff and serious stuff."

And though we're sure there will be plenty of humor in it, given the Aussie comedian's playful nature, Wilson has also admitted that the book was not an easy or fully joyful experience, either. "Yeah, hopefully you guys will love the book as much as I liked writing it. Although, sometimes it's been gut-wrenching, emotional."

As someone who is currently writing a memoir (the author of this post), we can confirm that even the funniest of lives will have a bit of heartbreak in them—and it is very hard to write that all out for the world to see. Still, if Wilson's worried about the response to the book, the Pitch Perfect star is not showing it.

According to Simon & Schuster's website, the book Rebel Rising will follow "Wilson’s incredible journey of 'making it,' constantly questioning, 'Am I good enough? Will I ever find love? Will I ever change and become healthy?' Rebel writes for the first time about the most personal and important moments in her life —from fertility issues, weight gain and loss, sexuality, overcoming shyness, rejections, and, well...okay there's at least one story thrown in about Brad Pitt!"

The book is slated for release in April 2024.

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