Prince Harry Skipped the Wedding of His "Unofficial Best Man" This Past Weekend

Harry wrote in 'Spare' that his relationship with some of his older friends had broken down after he left the royal family.

Prince Harry walking into High Court today for his phone hacking trial
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Prince Harry was nowhere to be seen at his former good friend Jack Mann's wedding this past weekend. Mann was Harry's "unofficial" best man at his wedding to Meghan Markle. He was an usher at the event in an official capacity since Prince William served as his brother's best man. 

Earlier this year, after the release of Netflix's Harry and Meghan, a source told the Mail on Sunday about how Mann contributed to Harry and Meghan's wedding: “There have long been rumors in Harry’s circle that there was another best man, in secret. [Prince] William was the public-facing best man but not the sole best man, nor the true best man in Harry’s eyes.”

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However, despite their seemingly close relationship, Harry didn't attend Mann's wedding. The men met at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. They played polo together and later served together in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's unclear if the pair are still close. The Duke of Sussex wrote in his tell-all memoir Spare that he fell out with some of his old friends after he became open about his experience growing up in the royal family.

Earlier this year, it was reported by Australian journalist Daniela Elser that Harry only has a handful of friends in Britain. Elser wrote in an opinion piece, "The tragedy here is that all of this is happening at a point in the Duke’s life when he needs as many old mates around him as possible."

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