Prince George and Princess Charlotte Have the Cutest Nicknames

It would be pretty weird to be called “Your Highness” on the playground.

Prince George Princess Charlotte
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Prince George is in line to become the future King of England, so it’s hard to imagine that he and his siblings do regular kid things. But he’s eight years old, and with the reports of Prince William and Kate Middleton trying to give their children as “normal” an upbringing as possible, it makes sense that they’d have nicknames for use in their everyday lives. 

And now we know some of them: According to the website Cambridgeshire Live, the children aren’t called by their titles at school, Thomas Battersea in London, which treats all children equally. While there, Charlotte is called “Charlotte Cambridge.” She has two other nicknames as well, used only by those in her inner circle (does a six-year-old have an inner circle?)

Prince William has reportedly been overheard calling his daughter “Mignonette,” a French word for “small and delicate,” says the site. And Kate Middleton once let slip another nickname for their daughter. In a conversation with a member of the public on a visit to North Ireland, the person told Kate their son was four, to which she replied, “Oh, he’s the same age as Lottie.” Lottie is such a classic abbreviation for Charlotte but it’s cute to think that the royals use it, too. 

As for Prince George, it’s rumored that his nickname is a shortened version of his title—PG—but with a nod to the classic British tea brand “PG Tips.” Which…stop, that is so cute. 

TBD what their nickname for little Prince Louis is, but judging by the other children's, it’s bound to be something reliably adorable. 

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