Just in Case You’re Wondering, Queen Consort Camilla “Definitely” Watches "The Crown"

One of King Charles’ former communications directors is sure of it.

Queen Consort Camilla
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If one of the most popular television series in the world featured you as a main character, would you watch?

If you’re Queen Consort Camilla, the answer is apparently yes, with OK reporting that Her Royal Highness is “definitely” tuning in to season five of Netflix’s hit The Crown. This is according to a former staffer of King Charles, Kristina Kyriacou, one of the monarch’s former communications directors, who told the British talk show Phil and Holly This Morning “I think the Queen Consort will have definitely been watching it. I don’t think the King will have the time. I don’t think it’s a program which will tickle his interest.”

But Camilla, Kyriacou says, “keeps in touch with her family [and] her friends” who, let’s be honest, are probably all watching, because “it’s an enormous series.”

As season five portrays, Camilla is used to being depicted—sometimes unfairly—in pop culture, as she has been known (and sometimes vilified) for her association with Charles since the 1980s, 40 years ago. Because of this tough exterior, Kyriacou says, “I think they’ll have a philosophical stance. They prefer it wasn’t rehashed, but it’s business as usual for them.”

Season five illustrates the deep love and affection between the then Camilla Parker-Bowles and the former Prince of Wales, even though in the early 1990s both were very much still married to their respective spouses, Andrew Parker-Bowles and Princess Diana. Season five covers instances like the infamous “Camillagate” phone call between Charles and Camilla and, after the Prince of Wales’ 1996 divorce from Diana, the desire for Camilla to rehabilitate her image.

It seems Camilla is able to take the entire situation with The Crown in stride: she has met Emerald Fennell—the actress who played her in seasons three and four of the series—and even shared a laugh with her. And recently, upon meeting him, the Queen Consort jokingly called Dominic West—who plays Charles in season five—"Your Majesty," Insider reports. 

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