Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Should Let Unflattering Media Portrayals "Run Off Their Shoulders," Commentator Says

Sounds about right.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in March 2020 under an umbrella together
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been laying relatively low in recent weeks, following a pretty busy September, and as ever where the Sussexes are concerned, commentators have thoughts on the couple's current discretion.

"I'd like to think they're taking some time to themselves after traveling around so much the past month," Even the Royals podcast host Aricia Skidmore told Express US.

The couple previously headed to Germany for the Invictus Games and New York City for World Mental Health Day, and had a little vacation in the Caribbean. Harry also attended the F1 Grand Prix in Austin, TX, on Oct. 22, and the couple took a quick trip to Las Vegas this past weekend to see Katy Perry perform live.

"I think the low profile is more of a general avoidance of the harsh media than any one specific thing," Skidmore said when asked whether the Sussexes' privacy right now might have anything to do with criticism over their flight to the Caribbean not exactly being eco-friendly, or their less-than-flattering portrayal on a recent Family Guy episode.

"The media (news, scripted TV, etc) will run with whatever narrative they want, and no one knows this more than Harry and Meghan, so I would hope they let it run off their shoulders," Skidmore said.

"That, or they just laughed along with everyone else and kept living their lives as is, unbothered."

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex is believed to be working behind the scenes on her next project, after signing with major Hollywood talent agency WME back in April.

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