Sofia Coppola's Daughter Romy Went Viral for Saying She Was Grounded After Trying to Charter a Helicopter

Why does this feel like Mad Libs...

Sofia Coppola and Romy Mars attend the Marc Jacobs Fall 2020 runway show during New York Fashion Week on February 12, 2020 in New York City
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Sofia Coppola's 16-year-old daughter Romy has gone viral for making a TikTok full of hilarious admissions, and there's truly so much to unpack here.

The now-deleted TikTok was shared by one Twitter user, and it quickly began making the rounds on the platform.

In it, Romy begins by announcing what is presumably the point of the video: to make vodka sauce pasta. Does the fact that she never gets around to making vodka sauce pasta in the video have anything to do with anything? No.

Anyway, why was Romy at home making a TikTok of herself making pasta instead of, like, hanging out with her friends? "Because I'm grounded. Because I tried to charter a helicopter from New York to Maryland on my dad's credit card, because I wanted to have dinner with my camp friend."

I mean, fair. We've all done it.

Romy then got started on the cooking portion, and admitted that she had to google onions because she couldn't tell the difference between garlic and onions, before beginning to cut a shallot thinking it was an onion.

She also explained, "I thought I would do this since I'm already grounded because my parents' biggest rule is I'm not allowed to have any public social media accounts. Here's why."

At this point, in a stroke of filmmaking genius, Romy cut to herself holding up her dad Thomas Mars' Grammy.

She continued, "because they don't want me to be a nepotism kid, but TikTok's not gonna make me famous, so it doesn't really matter." (No comment.)

Romy goes on to introduce Ari, her babysitter's boyfriend, as he pets a beautiful golden retriever. "My parents are never home, so these are my replacement parents," she said. OMG.

She asked Ari, "What do you think about the helicopter fiasco?"

Completely out of left field, he said, "Oh, I like fiascA, because it's like a feminine fiasco."

Romy told him, "Oh, it's Women's History Month, so..."

She ended the video by teasing part 2, the one where the pasta actually materializes.

Obviously, this is the best short film ever made, and the internet promptly began chiming in with its regularly scheduled comedy programming.

"you can absolutely use a shallot instead of an onion. who cares," wrote one person.

"Hello I would like to apply for the recently vacated role of Sofia Coppola’s daughter’s babysitter," said another.

"Let Sofia Coppola’s daughter visit her camp friends!!!!!!!!!!" begged another.

But the vast majority of the jokes revolved around the fact that Romy is the daughter of an award-winning filmmaker and produced this masterpiece for the ages.

Someone wrote, "Francis Ford Coppola: The Godfather 

"Sofia Coppola: Marie Antoinette

"Romy Coppola Mars: Make a vodka sauce pasta with me because I'm grounded for trying to charter a helicopter using my dad's credit card and visit my friend

"The Coppola dynasty continues to produce greatness"

Someone else said, "Her grounded teen daughter making a single TikTok and being immediately acclaimed as a filmmaking genius across the web has gotta feel like a worst-case scenario for Sofia Coppola."

And another concluded, "sofia coppola’s daughter won best film at the idgaf film festival with this tiktok"

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