Taylor Swift Gifts Her "22" Hat to a Nine-Year-Old Fan With Cancer in Sydney

Scarlett Oliver's handmade sign read: "Taylor can I have the 22 hat? Please."

Taylor Swift with fan Scarlett Oliver
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Taylor Swift is notoriously gracious to her fans—but an interaction from her first concert in Sydney shows the pop star going above and beyond.

On Friday, one parent shared her stepdaughter's story in a Sydney-area Taylor Swift fan Facebook group. Natalie Oliver explained that her 9-year-old stepdaughter Scarlett Oliver, has "a very aggressive brain cancer with no cure." The pair posted on social media ahead of the event: Natalie shared a photo of Scarlett holding a handmade poster that read, "Taylor can I have the 22 hat? Please."

Swifties know Taylor often gives a black hat, worn during her performances of "22," to one lucky fan during each show. And in Sydney, Scarlett and Natalie got their wish.

Taylor Swift with fan Scarlett Oliver

Taylor Swift with fan Scarlett Oliver.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

In fan-captured footage from the concert, Swift not only gives Scarlett the "22" hat, but she also gives the little girl a hug. The sweet interaction shows just how much the singer loves her fans—and the feeling is mutual.

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