NYE Ball Spotted Sporting Crystal Lights Ahead Of Her Big Night

Is a 2024 fashion trend about to drop?

Times Square NYE Ball
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Arguably the biggest star of this or any New Year is our girl, the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball. And everyone's favorite Rubenesque beauty stepped out on Saturday night in New York City looking better than ever ahead of her big drop. Showing off her new array of lighting designs and patterns, we couldn't help but wonder: has a new 2024 been revealed?! Gasp.

We'd expect nothing less from this dazzling queen who has a history of shutting things down—like entire years—with her brilliant looks, for generations. She's never been just one thing, and that's what we love about her. She's never stopped reinventing herself with an eye towards style, function, progress, and show-stopping design.

It's important to respect your elders!

For 105 years and counting, Ms. Ball here—"But, Alicia, why are you gendering this ball?" you might say, to which I would reply: "omg because I know her! We go way back, I saw her every day when I worked on the 45th floor of a Times Square building!"—has been lighting the way for Americans since the first New Years Eve party thrown in this location by the estimable New York Times. And time and time again, she shows out with a host of different, equally as iconic fashions.

Though we're partial to her 1995 days when she was dripping in Waterford crystals (so chic!), we have to admit the bulbs of yesteryear and the LED lights of today are also statement pieces in their own right.

We're particularly fond of her bold pattern work and use of colors here.

Times Square NYE Ball

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Look at those baby blues! So serene, all aquamarine and cerulean—dreamy.

Times Square NYE Ball

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And those reds! Look at that array of lit-up wonder, those fiery shades of burnt sienna and mustard, those vibrant crimsons and vermillion triangulations!

This is why we love her! This is why we're here! Gag us with your beauty, mamá! We love this for you, and for us.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm thinkin' Ms. Ball—You: "Alicia, are you okay? You're giving objects personalities again." Me: "Who can say?"—is feelin' herself and looking ready for 2024 to be her year! I, for one, am thrilled for her, y'know? She's earned it. Heck, we all have. Onwards and upwards—or in her case, downwards on the pole. Ooh!

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