weight loss

What Happens When You Swap Cardio For Weights

"Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was that booty."

Khloé Kardashian Opens Up About Unhealthy Eating

Here's how she overcame it.

Mean Girls Dieting
This New Study Proves You Should Never Diet with...

"Why are you eating a Kalteen bar?"

This Woman's Honest Portraits Show What Major...
She wanted people to see the physical as well as the emotional trans…
Timing Your Meals Could Redeem a Crappy Diet
A new study reveals the best hours to eat.
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Does Eating Fruit Make You Hungrier?
New science suggests the sugars in fruit may mess with your brain and your appetite.
13 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

And how to start seeing results.

Is the Biggest Loser Controversy Just Another Example of Fat-Shaming?
Slammed for being too heavy and too thin. Can someone really win the Biggest Loser?
You, But Better
Your step-by-step guide to a complete beauty tune-up.
What I Miss About Being Fat
After years of struggling with the scale, one woman finally hit her healthy goal weight. So why didn't she feel like celebrating?
girl with ice cream
4 Ways to Beat Post-Vacation Pudge
Steal these tips to melt away body fat in a few weeks flat.
chocolate and cream pastries
Can You Really Think Yourself Thin?
Could the power of meditation teach one woman to resist tables of temptation and use meditation to never diet again?
woman with a cucumber over her eye
Detox Diet
Read up on our detox advice to start feeling, and looking, fabulous!
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model sipping a breakfast drink from a straw
Diet Tips
We've compiled the best tips and tricks for your diet, so you can look - and feel - fabulous!
woman vs. food
Woman Vs. Food: Inside Overeaters Anonymous
The bread basket, a can of frosting, sprinkles by the spoonful -- Arianne Cohen was powerless over her food cravings. So she headed to …
rachel zoe
Spring Into Beauty
It's time to give your beauty routine a spring cleaning!
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The Controversial Diet that Really Works
The science is sketchy, the FDA won't approve it, and it costs a fortune. But it seems to be working. What you should know about the HC…
ipad with plate, silver ware, and water
The Hunger Diaries Forum
Let's continue the dialogue!
ipad with plate, silver ware, and water
The Hunger Diaries: How Health Writers Could Be Putting You at Risk
Six popular bloggers advocate healthier living, but are they putting readers and themselves in danger?
wictoria secret models
Victoria's Secret Angels Dish on How They Stay So Skinny
Find out how Victoria's Secret models Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Lily Aldridge, and Erin Heatherton keep their iconic figures in …
woman eating chocolate bar
New Diet Rules: 6 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight
Forget every carb-cutting, craving-canceling trick you know. We combed through the latest diet research for what really works.
model doing a reverse lunge
Study Shows Americans Would Rather Be Skinny Than Get Laid
For the love of morning sex, this is ridiculous.
What's the Difference Between Sexy & Unhealthy?
Dating is so tough because, in putting yourself out there, you're essentially testing the waters to see if anyone thinks you're attract…
woman eating watermelon
3 Surprising Facts About Water
Forget the eight glasses a day. The key to a healthier, slimmer, younger you is all about eating water-based foods.
women doing sit up crunches at gym
A Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting Fit
Three women are challenging cubicle-dwellers everywhere to follow their new weight loss plan.
tanned modelin swim suit
Our Relationship with Food: 5 Shocking Statistics
I know youll be rethinking your next meal after seeing these stats. I am!
Blogging Sundance: Dropping Pounds with alli
Where do celebrities, studio execs, and ungodly amounts of snow collide? The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Im chilling (li…
Living Large: Gaining Back The Weight Once Lost
What's it like to drop nearly 200 pounds only to gain half of it back?