6 Things We Learned About Sex from 'Friends'

Old wives' tales, erogenous zones, high-risk revenge sex–the list goes on.

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Over the course of ten seasons, the six characters of Friends had a lot of sex. Naturally, we had the most takeaway from their carnal hypotheses and hilarious pitfalls. Here are their 6 most important lessons:

1. How to Measure a Guy's Manhood
Chandler, Joey, and Ross test the theory that penis size is equivalent to the distance between a man's index finger and thumb. Whether or not it's an old wives' tale remains to be seen.

2. Women Have 7 Erogenous Zones
Monica teaches future-husband Chandler, diagram et all, about the can't-miss areas for pleasuring a woman. The important thing to remember is, "Take your time, hit them all, and mix 'em up. You got to keep them on their toes."

3. How to Have High-Risk Revenge Sex
If Julia Roberts' guest appearance as Chandler's childhood friend taught us anything, it's that you should never bed anyone who has reason to seek vengeance against you — even if their anger dates back to childhood. Oh, and keep track of your clothes! Poor Channy had to learn both of these things the hard way.

4. How to Accidentally Go On A Perma-Break
After a nasty fight with Rachel, Ross puts himself in a sticky situation by getting drunk and sleeping with the cute girl from copy store, Chloe. Guys, here's a sage bit of wisdom: it's not really a break if it's only been a couple of hours.

5. The Art of Poorly Gifting Your Bedfellow
Unless you're Joey Tribbiani, don't expect to score in the bedroom if you give your significant other a pen (even if it's a clock too) for their birthday.

6. Joey Tribbiani Can Seduce Anyone With a Single, "How You Doin'?"
But a word of caution to everyone else: do not try this at home, or at a bar, or ever.

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