6 Things We Learned About Sex from 'Friends'

Old wives' tales, erogenous zones, high-risk revenge sex–the list goes on. 

Over the course of ten seasons, the six characters of Friends had a lot of sex. Naturally, we had the most takeaway from their carnal hypotheses and hilarious pitfalls. Here are their 6 most important lessons:

1. How to Measure a Guy's Manhood
Chandler, Joey, and Ross test the theory that penis size is equivalent to the distance between a man's index finger and thumb. Whether or not it's an old wives' tale remains to be seen.

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2. Women Have 7 Erogenous Zones
Monica teaches future-husband Chandler, diagram et all, about the can't-miss areas for pleasuring a woman. The important thing to remember is, "Take your time, hit them all, and mix 'em up. You got to keep them on their toes."

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3. How to Have High-Risk Revenge Sex
If Julia Roberts' guest appearance as Chandler's childhood friend taught us anything, it's that you should never bed anyone who has reason to seek vengeance against you — even if their anger dates back to childhood. Oh, and keep track of your clothes! Poor Channy had to learn both of these things the hard way.

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4. How to Accidentally Go On A Perma-Break
After a nasty fight with Rachel, Ross puts himself in a sticky situation by getting drunk and sleeping with the cute girl from copy store, Chloe. Guys, here's a sage bit of wisdom: it's not really a break if it's only been a couple of hours.

5. The Art of Poorly Gifting Your Bedfellow
Unless you're Joey Tribbiani, don't expect to score in the bedroom if you give your significant other a pen (even if it's a clock too) for their birthday.

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6. Joey Tribbiani Can Seduce Anyone With a Single, "How You Doin'?"
But a word of caution to everyone else: do not try this at home, or at a bar, or ever.

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