"Puppies Crash Christmas" Is the Yule Log Alternative You Need This Holiday

A Christmas Prince has been dethroned.

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(Image credit: Hulu)

If you're looking for some feel-good holiday programming to play this weekend and you're afraid Netflix is going to troll you if you watch A Christmas Prince one more time, head over to Hulu for "Puppies Crash Christmas."

Hulu provides adorable, family-friendly scenic programming for the holidays and after last year's “Gingerbread Home Remodel," "Stuck Santa," and "A Sap Story" performed very well for the streaming service, they upped their game this year, bringing out the big guns—puppies.

"Qualitatively, we got a lot of really great response from a number of subscribers with whom we conducted research over that period of time,” Hulu's director of brand marketing, Michael Schneider, told IndieWire. “‘Gingerbread Home Remodel’…saw well over three million views during that time period. It was the first year that we did something special around the holiday time, and we’re really pleased with the way it performed."

"At a certain point, despite all the great ideas that were thrown about, this was one that just seemed right to us. Why not just have puppies or really cute animals in a Christmas scene? When you’re with family or with friends around the holidays, and you turn on ‘The Yule Log,’ or something you can just have on when everyone’s over there, why not a number of cute puppies running around? It seemed like a perfect fit," Schneider said.

Good call, Hulu team. Good call.

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