'Hamilton' Is Planning a National Tour

You can finally be in the room where it happens.

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Even if you live in New York City, it's nearly impossible to get tickets to Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda's hip-hop musical about one of America's founding fathers. Now, it turns out it might be easier to see the show in another city entirely.

The New York Times (opens in new tab) reports that Hamilton is getting ready to go on a national tour. First, it'll set up shop in Chicago's PrivateBank Theater in September, where it will stay in town as long as there's demand. (So, basically forever.)

The tour will then begin in March 2017 at San Francisco's SHN Orpheum Theater for 21 weeks, then move to Los Angeles's Hollywood Pantages Theater from August 11 to December 30. The Los Angeles Times (opens in new tab) points out that the Pantages is twice the size of Hamilton's current Broadway residence, but something tells us that selling enough tickets won't really be an issue.

It's unclear where the tour will go next, though it's likely it will also be shown in London at some point, if this tweet from Miranda is any indication.

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And if you're still itching to see the show in New York, a new block of tickets is now on presale (opens in new tab) for American Express cardholders, and open to everyone else on February 2. But it might be easier if you're willing to act like Aaron Burr and wait for it.

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