Betsy DeVos Went On '60 Minutes' to Prove She Still Knows Nothing About American Schools

It would be funny if she wasn't our education secretary.

Betsy DeVos, who, as Secretary of Education, is in charge of our nation's public school system (which she once called "a dead end"), was interviewed by Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes last night. DeVos is known for wanting to shift billions in tax dollars to private and religious schools (a position the billionaire and other proponents call "school choice"), and for suggesting Wyoming schools should have guns to protect against grizzly bears. Oh, and for not knowing...anything about American schools.

Presumably, DeVos had time to study up before her appearance on last night's 60 Minutes, (Lesley Stahl sure did, though!) In a cringe-worthy 15 minute segment, DeVos managed to suggest that there are as many false accusations of sexual assault as sexual assaults, to say that "we've invested billions and billions" in our school system with "no results" even though, as Stahl points out, test scores have gone up, and in the most shocking (and apparently "alarming" even to the White House) part, reveals that she doesn't even know how school choice has affected her own home state of Michigan. (Hint: not well). Here is that facepalm moment that made Stahl openly laugh at DeVos's ignorance:

I feel ya, Lesley:

You can watch the whole thing here.