'Scandal' Just Wrapped Forever, and Shonda Rhimes Wrote the Sweetest Tribute

"A lot of tears. A lot of love."

Scandal Shonda Rhimes
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It's hard to believe that after seven entertaining, unpredictable, fast-paced seasons, Scandal is coming to an end. And while it's tough for viewers to say goodbye to the inimitable Olivia Pope, the cast and crew are having an even harder time letting go.

In a series of emotional tweets, Shonda Rhimes paid tribute to the end of her show. Firstly, Rhimes shared a shot of her team on the set, watching the penultimate scene being filmed:

Then she shared the news, "Last scene rehearsed. Can barely breathe."

As Scandal drew to an end, Rhimes wrote, "Standing room only behind the monitor for this final scene."

Then she shared this sweet selfie of her romantic leads:

There was a major throwback photo thrown in of Katie Lowes on the very first day of shooting Scandal all those years ago:

And the end arrived way too quickly, with Rhimes tweeting, "And that’s a wrap on #scandal. A lot of tears. A lot of love. Forever grateful for every second."

If that didn't make you begin to weep quietly, then Rhimes' next tweet will. Sharing a photo of the White House set, Scandal's creator wrote, "Could not be prouder. Here is a shot of the Truman Balcony created by our amazing production crew. Thank you to every single person in our #scandalfam who helped bring this show to life."

Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn found some time to mess around to distract themselves from the inevitable goodbye:

And some other familiar faces looked a little emotional:

The series finale of Scandal will air on April 19, 2018.

Amy Mackelden

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