Prince Louis' Godparents May Surprise You

No, Harry and Meghan aren't on the list.

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Today, Prince Louis is getting christened at St. James' Palace in London by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. In an official announcement via Twitter, Kensington Palace revealed who the two-month-old's godparents are, and it may surprise you. (No, it doesn't include Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as much as we would all love them to be.)

Here's who made the cut as one of Prince Louis' godparents, all of whom are friends or family of Their Royal Highnesses:

• Mr. Nicholas van Cutsem - A friend of Prince William's
• Mr. Guy Pelly - Another old friend of William's
• Mr. Harry Aubrey-Fletcher - An old friend of Will, Kate, and Harry
• The Lady Laura Meade - The Duchess of Cornwall's distant cousin and a close friend of Will and Kate
• Mrs. Robert Carter - An old friend of Kate's
• Miss Lucy Middleton - Kate's cousin

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For reference, Prince George has seven godparents: Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton (former private Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry), William van Cutsem (one of Prince William's best friends), Julia Samuel (an old friend of Princess Diana's), Emilia Jardine-Paterson (Kate Middleton's oldest friend and stylist), Zara Tindall (William and Harry's cousin), Earl Grosvenor (the Duke of Westminster), and Oliver Baker (a college friend of William and Kate).

Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte has five godparents: Sophie Carter (a longtime friend of Kate's), Laura Fellowes (Princess Diana's sister's daughter, a.k.a. the first cousin of William and Harry), Adam Middleton (Kate Middleton's cousin), James Meade (a close friend of William's), and Thomas van Straubenzee (another old friend of William's who he's known since prep school).

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Considering most of George and Charlotte's godparents have been close friends of their parents and non-immediate relatives, it makes sense that Prince Louis' godparents come from outside of the inner royal circle.

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