#ReadWithMC Reviews Christina Lauren's 'My Favorite Half-Night Stand'

"I'm not sure if I've ever read a book where the entire supporting friend group was this well-written."

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Writing a book is difficult, but writing it with another person? That's been a surprisingly seamless process for romance novelists Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, who work together under the pen name Christina Lauren. Their latest book, My Favorite Half-Night Stand, feels like a modern version of the 1998 movie You've Got Mail, according to one #ReadWithMC reviewer. That movie was, of course, released before swiping right became the only viable option to finding a new partner. ("I just want to be able to meet someone organically!" Yes, same, but it's 2019.)

Online dating can be confusing and scary, but as Christina Lauren illustrates in My Favorite Half-Night Stand, it can also be wildly thrilling—and you never know what will happen when you put yourself out there, like main character Millie did when she needed to find a date for her university's black-tie gala. Sure, some interesting things happened—creating a fake dating profile, finding out you've matched with a friend using said fake profile—but if the book teaches us anything, it's that vulnerability is key to a successful relationship...and, no, we won't be alone forever!

Here, the #ReadWithMC community shares their honest thoughts about Christina Lauren's My Favorite Half-Night Stand. Find out how you can have your review featured on the site for next month's Marie Claire book club pick here.

"Great story. I laughed out loud several times. Characters very relatable." —@crickethaven66

"I finished this book in one night. I really related to Millie and her struggles to connect with the guy she likes/her friends on an emotional and close level. (Does she succeed? You’ll just have to read the book!) It’s a rather funny and feel-good storyline with a sweet ending." —@marinaa2214

"Currently reading My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren and loving it so far! I love romance that has humor in it and this book has plenty of it. It's about a group of friends (faculty at UC Santa Barbara) who decide to join a dating app and rom-com-type shenanigans ensue!" —@marrrielle

"The premise is pretty similar to You’ve Got Mail, with two main characters corresponding with each other and only one knowing their true identities—but I’m not mad about it. YGM is one of the best movies ever. This isn’t as good as that, but it’s funny (I giggled out loud at some of the dialogue) and a quick read. Great for a beach vacation!" —@danismcnally

"After reading Christina Lauren's Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating, I was set on reading more of their books. I picked up Roomies and, naturally, My Favorite Half-Night Stand came next—especially after I saw that it was Marie Claire's choice of the month for their book club, #ReadWithMC! I finished this novel in less than 24 hours simply because I was so invested in Millie and Reid as a couple. Not only were they polar opposites, but the authors flipped gender roles on its head throughout the entire book. Reid, our love interest, is the one who is actually super in tune with his emotions and wants Millie, our other main love interest, to be more vocal about her desires and her fears. Their dynamic was FIRE."

"Not only that, but their friends were amazing. I'm not sure if I've ever read a book where the entire supporting friend group was this well-written and supportive of their two best friends and rooting for them to get together in ways that were not sometimes great for both Reid and Millie. Can we also take a moment for how much I loved soft and cuddly Ed? Tysm. Overall, I would rate this second to Josh and Hazel and before Roomies. Can't wait to read more from Christina Lauren!" —@brunettebibliophille

"Fun read. I also loved [Christina Lauren's] Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating." —@cliche512

"Completely obsessed with Millie and Reid’s love story! Following Millie’s character as she navigates being a good friend and confronts the things holding her back from finding love is incredibly galvanizing. I'm all for the #growth. Love that @christinalauren included a badass woman who needed to do a little work and practice some self love to be her best self. It’s time we see more positive representations of taking care of one’s mental health. I also really appreciated all of the great men surrounding her! Seeing platonic relationships that actually work has inspired me to look for more male friends. They do exist!" —@klchavez27

"Funny and entertaining. Reminds me a little of the Big Bang Theory." —@agirlnamed_ange

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