What's the Correct Way to Put on a Bra?

Apparently, some of us just prefer doing things the hard way.

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When it comes to bras, you either love them or hate them—there's really no in-between. Whether you choose to secure the girls or free the nipple, I feel like we can all agree that bras are most comfortable when they're flung across the room after a long day at work. One curious Twitter user, a musician with the handle @nakaimosu, sparked an interesting debate about the lingerie: How do you put on a bra?

Oh @nakaimosu, you don't even know what you've started.

Here in the Marie Claire office, we were unable to come to a uniform conclusion; half of the team clasps our bras from the front then turns them around (choice A), while the other half apparently possess the flexibility of Elastigirl from The Incredibles that allows them to hook their bras from the back (choice B). I'm personally a fan of the first option—the last time I tried to clasp my bra from the back, I heard a distinct pop! in my right shoulder. So yeah...it's gonna be a hard no for me, dawg.

You tell us: what's the right way to put on a bra? Do you clasp it from the front and swivel it around, or do you reach behind to clasp it from the back?

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