The Best Summer Shoes of 2017, at Every Price Point

"My eyes are up here." —you, in a pair of jeweled pineapple slides


Barefoot is best, but some bejeweled/pompom-ed/ruffly/otherwise embellished sandals are pretty great too. Here, 20 excellent pairs, whether you want to spend $ or $$$.

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1 Ready for These Jellies

Bold move starting this slideshow with jellies, but they are more of a summer classic than "Sorry," and it's kind of funny when an adult wears them. 


2 Ain't Laurent Flat Pumps

These are flat so you can wear them to frolic in the park without aerating the grass, and they're the prettiest pale purple. 


3 Chanel-y Pearls...

 At a most un-Chanel price. 


4 Poolside Polka-Dot Pleats

Say that five times fast. 


5 Extra Ventilation

The sheer panels make it like not wearing shoes at all.


6 Pineapples Are Still in My Head

Me: "If I see another pineapple in 2017, so help me..." Also me: *add to cart.*


7 Even If You Think Festivals Are Lame

A small heel for a bit of lift, pompoms for a bit of fun.


8 You Know Who Made These

Do not leave unattended while you take a dip, that's all we have to say. 


9 Pretend Loafers

Good for when you want to pretend you're wearing proper shoes to the office. 


10 Ankle-Tie Flats

Actual proper shoes that come with bonus ankle ribbons.


11 Blush Espadrilles

Classic espadrilles in the prettiest pale pink. 


12 Heeled Sandals (Because You Do Need a Pair)

When your favorite emerging designer (Molly Goddard) meets your favorite high-street shop (Topshop). 


13 Truly Extra Slides

These slides are doing the most—beaded antennae *and* pompoms!—and we love it. 


14 Lawn-Safe Ruffles

Hurry up and get engaged so I can wear these to your sickeningly sweet wedding. 


15 Curves Ahead

Never not into a dramatic curved upper. 


16 'SATC' Forever

So very Carrie B. in the most complimentary way.



These Mercedes CastilloChristopher Kane Spring 2009 (those fluttery circles) but for your feet. 


18 Yet More Pompoms

(We have a pompom problem, and these Trademark slides aren't helping.)


19 OTT Orthopedic

A chunky Dr. Scholl's shape meets a low heel inset with pearls in this pair from Nicholas Kirkwood. 


20 Baroque-on-Acid Slides

These dudes from No. 21 are f*cking mad, but if you can, you gotta. 


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