How the ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Reacted to Their Own Deaths

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Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8. HBO just released "Game of Thrones: The Last Watch," the documentary on the last season of the show. Among the many behind-the-scenes looks at the epic, over-the top production (including Vladimir Furdik doing stunts, zombie wight actors hanging out and eating lunch in costume, and so much snow construction), the most surprisingly tender and nuanced moment was the cast reacting to the final season table read for the first time. As the producers explained, some of the actors choose to read through in advance, and some prefer to experience it as they read. Here are the best, most evocative responses the actors had to their fates.

The Night King is slain, and everyone loses it.

The cast is visibly stressed and quiet during the read-through, but the big moment—the one that got every fan cheering—also had the same response amongst the cast. Rory McCann, who plays The Hound, is particularly excited and cheers wildly as Arya plunges the knife into the season's Big Bad. Maisie Williams grins and looks ever-so-pleased, if a little intimidated about how tough that scene's going to be.

Varys dies, and it's a rough moment.

Conleth Hill, the actor who plays Varys, has little reaction to the scene aside from crossing his arms and looking red-faced and upset (he's said in interviews he was devastated about his character's end and wish Varys had had more to do this season). Lena Headey and Gwendoline Christie, who are sitting next to him, take turns holding his hands while he processes the moment.

Jorah dies, and it's somber.

Emilia Clarke visibly weeps as Jorah dies (the description of the scene goes into painful, horrible, detail about how much he's stabbed and how shattered his body is). Iain Glen has a more quiet, subdued response, but it's obviously affected him deeply. The other cast are dead silent, processing the iconic death.

Jon Snow kills Dany...and the actors weep.

Kit Harington, who clearly hadn't read the scripts beforehand (and he's said before he doesn't), puts his hands over his mouth as the narrator reads the scene description. Emilia nods sadly as it's explained how Jon quietly kills Dany, and Kit visibly tears up. Both contemplate the profundity as Dany quietly collapses, the "necessary" but awful action.

"End of Game of Thrones," says one of the producers. And everyone claps and hugs, and cries.

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