Why Kit Harington's Final 'Game of Thrones' Scene Was So Meaningful

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Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8. HBO's documentary "Game of Thrones: The Last Watch" provided one of our very last looks at the show, focusing on how it came together and how everyone involved worked tirelessly to achieve the epic, over-the-top look of season 8. One of the sweetest, most unguarded moments was Kit Harington's final scene—and his moved, moving reaction to finishing up one of the most defining roles of his career.

Kit's last scene actually wasn't the "killing Dany" scene.

Instead, it's one of the lead-up moments to the big finale for the character: Jon, walking through the ruins of King's Landing, tries to stop Grey Worm (who's just turned into a killing machine at this point) from executing Lannister soldiers. He's unsuccessful, and it's just another blow to the ego that leads him down the path to being a queenslayer—arguably it's this scene that proves to Jon that Dany's now a tyrant. It's a quiet moment, but one that's full of tension and the potential for violence. It's a fitting end for a character who hates fighting but wants to do what's right.

He's having a blast off-screen.

In what might be his last interaction with some of the actors, stuntmen, and crew, Kit jokes around and smiles. He's wearing a jacket that one of the stuntmen gave him, which is custom-made for each season. He raves about the jacket and asks for the one from this season as well. It's clear that, even to a seasoned actor like Kit who's been doing this show for 10 years, he can still geek out over the special GoT swag he gets as a result.

Kit's final moment is beautiful—and tearful.

D.B. Weiss makes a short speech about meeting Kit a full decade ago and how great it's been to work with him. By the time Kit starts to speak, he's already weeping, and he explains how much he loves the show and his costars (calling them his "family.") "It'll always be the greatest thing I'll ever do," he says of the show, through tears. By the end of his speech, everyone else is crying too.

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