How Far Does Luke P. Get On the Bachelorette?

On this season of The Bachelorette, the most controversial, and frankly exhausting bachelor is Luke Parker. He's infuriated the other bachelors and Hannah, and he's come this close to leaving the show a couple times now. This is how much Luke P. we have left—and brace yourself, because it's a bit of a journey. 

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Spoilers for this season of The BacheloretteThis season, the most controversial, and frankly exhausting bachelor on The Bachelorette is Luke Parker. He's infuriated the other bachelors and Hannah, and he's come this close to leaving the show a couple times now. So does he win? If not, when does he go home? This is how much Luke P. we have left on the show—and brace yourself, because it's a bit of a journey.  

Luke makes it a lot farther than you think.

Everyone, bachelors included, thought that after Luke didn't get a one-on-one rose in episode 5, he'd get sent packing. But after Luke and the other bachelors continued to get in an extended altercation in episode 6, Hannah lost it at everyone, and still selected Luke during the rose ceremony. Sooo that was unexpected. 

He makes it to the final four.

Oh boy. Guys, we have a lot more Luke to come. According to Bachelorverse expert Reality Steve, he makes it to hometown dates and is only sent home just before overnights. And reportedly, that's the thing that sinks him: He is apparently the guy who shames Hannah for being with multiple guys.

In his intro, it's made clear faith is important to Luke: "Luke P. is a good Christian boy from Gainesville, GA. He prides himself on being able to get along with anyone, and he loves team sports. After a religious awakening in college, Luke decided that when he dates, it's for marriage. To Luke, 'for better or for worse' means unconditional love."

And this manifests as apparently not wanting to be intimate with anyone before marriage. But the way he phrases it—about her decision to do Overnights with other bachelors—causes Hannah to push back. So he apparently never makes it to overnights, and she sends him home right then and there.

And he still tries to come back.

According to Reality Steve, he tries to come back (AGAIN) after she sends him home to try and argue his case. Finally, finally, finally she isn't convinced and sends him packing for the final time. And that's apparently the last we see of one of the most disliked bachelors to date. (Hopefully he doesn't sneak into Bachelor in Paradise?)

Here's everything spoilery we know from this season.

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