Will Payton and Alice Date in ‘The Politician’ Season 2?

Payton and Alice's relationship status was pretty complicated at the end of 'The Politician' season one. Find out if the pair will rekindle their romance in season two here.

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Warning: The Politician season one spoilers ahead.

If you left your own wedding to show your support for the Senate campaign of your ex boyfriend who refused to look back at you during your fake high school breakup (for the sake of his student body president campaign!) when he promised to do so in order to ensure that you were actually okay IRL, you'd classify your relationship as "complicated," right?

Glad we're on the same page.

That's exactly where The Politician left off at the end of the wild eight-episode first season, so what exactly does that mean for Payton (Ben Platt) and Alice's (Julia Schlaepfer) relationship in season two?


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It didn't exactly look like Payton and Alice had immediate plans to get back together when all of his friends were waiting for him in his NYU dorm room (including Alice, who was still in her wedding dress), even though that's what Payton wants and Alice admitted a few days prior that she'll always love him ("Maybe we'll have an affair one day..."). Never say never, though. This is Payton Hobart we're dealing with.

Three possible outcomes: Alice could throw her wedding dress back on and try for round two with her fiancé while somehow still helping Payton with his Senate campaign. Or she could fulfill the piece of her that's been missing ever since her and Payton parted ways and become the first lady she's always dreamed of. Or Payton can just have sex with River's ghost and completely disregard his love for Alice moving forward. Either one!

It could also be absolutely none of the above because Ryan Murphy knows how to mindf*ck us all with brilliant lines like, "Sex doesn't define our loyalty...we're not our parents." Maybe a wedding or ghost sex doesn't define loyalty, either.

Bookmark this article and check back for updates when The Politician season two approaches. Premiere date TBD, but it's currently in production.

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