A Guide to '365 Dni's Sex Scenes

So, about that boat scene...

'365 dni'
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Netflix knew we were struggling, and so they said, "You know what, we'll give you 365 Dni (365 Days)!" and dropped the two-hour erotic thriller with a crazy ending without a second thought. The film, which is about a Polish girl named Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) who gets kidnapped by a Sicilian mobster named Massimo (Michele Morrone) and has a year to fall in love with him, is deeply problematic, yes, but also hella sexy. It's probably why you're here, because you've heard of—drum roll please—the famous boat scene.

If you've seen the film, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, let me warn you that it makes anything that went down in 50 Shades of Grey seem PG at best, which is why it's getting all the hype.

But other parts of the movie shouldn't be so easily glazed over, for the other affairs (read: sex scenes) that take place in the film are also steamy as hell. Ahead, I did the dirty work for you by giving you the timestamps of everything hot and heavy that goes down in the international film. Do what you will with the information! Spoilers for 365 Dni ahead.

11:03: An Introduction to Our Characters, I Would Say

All right, this isn't between them, but it gives a glimpse into who our characters are. We meet Laura, who usually pleasures herself, and Massimo, who receives pleasure. It makes me never want to be a flight attendant.

44:09: A Wholesome Shower, If You Will

Laura wakes up to see Massimo sleeping next to her, so she teases him by taking a shower in his open-floor plan bathroom. This basically means the showerhead is in the wall, and that's it. Obviously, the man awakes and decides to shower too.

47:54: Mile High Club but Not Quite

The pair are set to travel somewhere far for Massimo's business, and so that she won't retaliate he ties her up in an airplane seat. Normal! He then proceeds to touch her without her consent, which is never a turn-on to most.

'365 dni'

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52:00: 50 Shades Called, They Want Their Brand Back

Laura decides to go to Massimo's room. For what reason exactly, we don't know! There she insults him, which I'm for, and his response is to tie her up, 50 Shades-style. Why, may you ask? So she can watch him receive a blow job from a sex worker to see "what she's missing." It's weird. I won't lie.

1:07: The—and I Cannot Emphasizes This Enough—Boat Scene

"It looks SO real! How are they acting!" I yelled. It's the first time the pair hook up, and the scene lasts for five minutes, and no one, I mean no one, is complaining. If someone does, their opinion immediately goes in the trash. The only complaint I have is I wish it were longer, TBH.

1:17: Towel Optional

Angry from seeing one of Massimo's exes at a function, Laura isn't really in the mood to see him post-shower in her Towel, but he has other ideas! You get where I'm going with this.

1:32: Tons of Windows and a Really Bad Wig

Laura comes back from a girls' night out to her apartment with her ex in tow and discovers Massimo at the apartment. Gasp! She is now wearing this godawful wig I have definitely seen online when her brown hair was great! Stunning! Her and Massimo argue about nonsense and then proceed to have make-up sex on a window because when in Warsaw, Poland.

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