Who Is Spencer Robertson, One to Watch on 'The Bachelorette'?

The engineer and lacrosse player is an early favorite.

Spencer Robertson
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Spoilers for The Bachelorette ahead. Even before the current season of The Bachelorette aired, one person had already got people talking: Spencer Robertson—a new addition to the cast once COVID-19 delayed the show and Crawley's season was recast with some older contestants. The handsome 30-year-old Robertson was pegged as one to watch from the beginning, and spoilers accounts confirmed that he's important to the show. So what do we know about him?

He's from California, like Adams.

According to his Facebook bio when he was introduced as a contestant, Robertson hails from La Jolla, CA. Per his public Instagram, he lives in San Diego (Adams is from Orange). It looks like he used to play lacrosse as a midfielder, and got a shoutout from a former team about his new role:

Robertson hasn't posted since December 2019, so there's not a ton of personal detail on him just yet (before Adams joined Colton Underwood's Bachelor season, she was similarly pretty private). He's posted about being an avid traveler since 2012 and is very, very into sports—the Oregon Ducks (his alma mater) being his team of choice.

His last post was for his role as best man to his friend's wedding:

He'll also very occasionally post about his family. This looks to be a (very) throwback-y photo that he posted way back in 2014:

Also, now we know he has a brother!

He's an engineer.

Ooooh a smartie! Per his LinkedIn (spotted before he took down his profile picture), he went to the University of Oregon for Chemistry and now works as founder and general manager for Robertson Water Treatment. Judging by this tagged pic of him from 2017, he appears to have time for plenty of working out, though:

On what appears to be his (unverified) Twitter, Robertson tweets about sports:

He also does the occasional RT, like this one about animal rights:

And, very occasionally, politics. But, he hasn't posted since early 2019—so clearly he's not particularly active on social media, unless he has private accounts we don't know about.

He got Tayshia Adams' first impression rose.

This, per Bachelorette spoiler Reality Steve, is an interesting one—considering Robertson was brought on for Crawley initially, it sounds like there were some initial sparks between the two (I mean...I can definitely see it). It doesn't necessarily mean he's going all the way, though, so just know he's one to watch for the first several episodes of Adams' season. We'll update when we know more...

Update, 11/17: Per Reality Steve and multiple Bachelor spoiler accounts, Robertson is an early favorite who doesn't end up making it very far. He doesn't make it to hometowns, in fact, let alone further. Though rumors initially circulated that he might be the winner, it's likely you won't see much more of Robertson on your screens. For all your Bachelor spoiler needs, including who actually is thought to have won, you can go here.

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