Who Is Tayshia Adams, the Bachelor Nation Favorite?

Tayshia has appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise.

Tayshia Adams, a longtime Bachelor Nation fan favorite who has appeared on The Bachelor, then Bachelor In Paradise, then headlined her own season when she took over Bachelorette duties after Clare Crawley ended her season early, is back for her fourth (!!!!) season of the franchise: She'll be co-hosting Katie Thurston's season, along with former bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. Here's everything you need to know about the new host.

What happened to Tayshia on Colton's season of The Bachelor?

Adams made it to the final three on Underwood's season, a.k.a. the Fantasy Suite round, but was abruptly dumped by Underwood, along with fellow contestant Hannah Godwin, when Underwood decided he wanted to be with contestant Cassie Randolph. Remember the "fence jump" scene? Well, right after that is when Adams was dismissed.

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That weirdness aside, Adams made it through the season with a reputation of being low-key and drama-free, and she actually comforted Colton when he broke up with her. She was also clearly devastated, and fans were heartbroken for her.

And what about Bachelor In Paradise?

This was an interesting one. Much like her predecessor Crawley, Adams appeared on Paradise and fell in love before she became The Bachelorette, but the relationship didn't work out. The object of her affections—well, vice versa, if you watched that season; JPJ was much more into Adams—was John Paul Jones, the sweet, floppy-haired guy from Hannah Brown's season.

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Tayshia and JPJ on the finale of Paradise.

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Though Adams and JPJ broke up on the show, they were together by the time it aired—she flew out to see him to ask him for another chance—but they dated for just two months before calling it quits.

What does Tayshia do for a living?

Adams is a phlebotomist, trained to draw blood—in her Bachelor intro video, she joked that the first thing she notices about a person is their veins.

That said, on her season, almost two years after she introduced herself as a phlebotomist to Colton, she told her contestants that she worked as a lifestyle and travel influencer, which makes sense—it's a career path that a lot of Bachelor Nation choose to pursue when they have a strong enough following. It's a sign that she'll probably continue working as an influencer and reality TV personality after her season, like a number of Bachelorettes before her.

Does Tayshia have an Instagram?

In the past, Adams didn't post very much on social media, at least compared to typical contestants, and her Instagram was private until she started The Bachelor. One reason for the silence is that Adams got divorced in 2017, so she may have gotten rid of photos with her ex-husband.

But since leaving The Bachelor and going on Paradise, she's been posting more, and her fans absolutely love it. You can check out her IG here.

Where is Tayshia from?

Adams hails from Orange, California, and went to college in Irvine to study biology; she's still based in Orange County, telling ABC7, "I'm an Orange County girl!"

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What happened during Tayshia's season?

Admas took over the 16th season of the Bachelorette from Clare Crawley after Crawley found love early on. She was loved for her no BS attitude, down-to-earth personality, and commitment to having real-world conversations with her contestants.

Who won Tayshia's season?

Zac Clark won Adam's heart during her season. The pair are still together and live in New York City. She told Cosmo: "Any wedding planning? No, not really. I’m really just trying to enjoy New York. And I think that’s where our energy is just because, I don’t know, we just want to enjoy each other. Really, that’s what it is. Engagements are supposed to be fun as well, so we’re just making the most of it."

What is Tayshia's new role with the franchise?

Adams and fellow former bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe will jointly be taking over Chris Harrison's role as the show's host for the upcoming season starring Katie Thurston. In addition to the classic duties ("Gentleman, this will be the final rose tonight") Adams and Bristowe will also support Thurston on her quest to find love. In the season's promo, Thurston even described having the pair on set like having sisters around.

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