Why 'Bachelor' Contestant Tayshia Adams Is One to Watch This Season

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Let's talk about one of the ladies vying for Colton Underwood's heart in Season 23 of The Bachelor: Tayshia Adams, 28. Adams is "one to watch," according to Chris Harrison, and thus far she's been an important part of group dates. She's also had notable chemistry with the 23rd Bachelor.

Here's everything we know so far about Adams—and what we might see from her in upcoming episodes.

She's a medical professional.

Adams is a phlebotomist, trained to draw blood—so apparently the first thing she notices about you is your veins, according to her intro video. Firstly, ew, and secondly, now I need to know what she thinks about Underwood's veins. Adams said on the show that she hoped Underwood felt faint at the sight of her...something she usually doesn't want. (So she's funny!)

Another Bachelor contestant, Cassie Randolph, is training to be a speech pathologist, so at least two of the bachelorettes are in the medical field this season.

She's from the West Coast and loves to travel.

Adams hails from Orange, California, and went to college in Irvine. According to her Instagram, she's recently taken trips to The Bahamas, United Arab Emirates, and France and has said it's "just the beginning of some amazing travels ahead." That was probably also a hint about The Bachelor, tbh.

Service is important to her.

Per her Bachelor bio, Adams was a Girl Scout for 12 years and currently volunteers at her church. Apparently, she also just completed a mission trip to Africa.

Underwood is big on service, too, especially with kids—he runs the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation, which helps kids with cystic fibrosis—so maybe it's something they can bond over?

She's a little less public than some of the other contestants.

Adams doesn't post very much on social media, at least compared to typical Bachelor contestants, and her Instagram was private until recently. One reason for the silence is that Adams got divorced in 2017, so she may have gotten rid of photos with her ex-husband.

Chances are high that she's not really interested in the drama, but we'll probably hear more of her backstory as the show goes on.

She and Colton hit it off right away.

In the premiere, Adams was one of the ladies who had immediate chemistry with the former football player, even nabbing one of the first kisses. In a very elaborate setup, she led Underwood to a carnival-esque setup outside the house offering "pony rides" (again, that sense of humor!). She teased a little bit of that scenario and their hot, hot connection the night of the premiere, sharing a steamy Instagram shot of the two:

Things are looking good for Adams so far, but stay tuned...

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