Tayshia Adams' 'Bachelorette' Season: Spoilers, Details, and More

It's been a long time coming, that's for sure.

This season of ABC's 'The Bachelorette' might actually be—drum roll—the most dramatic of all time. Tayshia Adams has finally finished filming her season, which has a scheduled release date of Tuesday, October 13. Early spoilers from Reality Steve suggest that her season will feature multiple Bachelor star cameos, some weird Fantasy Suites, at least one major villain, and even a temporary host replacing Chris Harrison. And that's on top of the Clare Crawley switch-up, which sees Adams taking over from Crawley a few weeks into the show.

Before we dive in, a refresher. First, Clare Crawley was formally announced as The Bachelorette back in March; then the pandemic shut down filming until the summer; and then early spoilers from Reality Steve and others revealed that Crawley was head over heels for a contestant, Dale Moss.

Enter Tayshia Adams, a fan favorite from past seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. When Crawley left her own season to be with Moss, Tayshia took over as The Bachelorette, and a cast shake-up meant that some of the eliminated men were given the option to return for a second chance at The Bachelorette's heart. Other new men were cast from scratch. This is everything we know, and we'll keep this post updated.

Crawley will be featured in the first few episodes—then Adams takes over.

When Crawley left the show, she was down to around 15 men, per Reality Steve. A few weeks had passed since night one, and you'll be seeing that on The Bachelorette: The first three or four episodes will be about Crawley's journey, per RS. Then we'll see Crawley fall in love with Moss—they're reportedly now engaged—and the two of them leave the show, at which point Adams will become The Bachelorette. Several of the eliminated men are then given the option to return to fight for Adams' heart.

Crawley was replaced by Adams at the very end of July, slash the very beginning of August, and Reality Steve noted in early September that filming for Adams' season was over now as well. So it seems that Adams' season filmed for a month, which is a little shorter than the typical 40-60 days. It's not clear whether Adams started with less men than a typical Bachelorette or just had a sped-up journey, and we don't know yet who the winner is—or even if she has one. She returned to Instagram in mid-September, implicitly confirming that filming was done, but made no comment on the season. She did celebrate turning 30, though!

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While ABC hasn't confirmed that the season will have two Bachelorettes, it's been independently verified by multiple sources, including Entertainment Tonight and People, and a recent press release teases the switch-up: "Follow [Clare's] passionate, wild ride to find her soul mate and the explosive turn of events that will have all of Bachelor Nation talking," it reads. Chris Harrison also wrote on Instagram: "It’s safe to say this season will be twice as good as any other!"

We've gotten a sneak peek at Crawley's portion of filming.

In a new trailer, we get little bits and pieces of the men on Crawley's season (Reality Steve has a thread about the men we get to see, but they include Blake Moynes, Jason Foster, Yosef Aborady (more on that guy below), Zach Jackson, and—obviously—Dale Moss. Lots of Dale, in fact, including some blindfolded kissing and some more smoochage. It seems like producers are definitely winking at those of us who already know this info, while giving some pretty broad hints to those who don't:

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We also get this line from Harrison to Crawley: "Congratulations, you've just blown up The Bachelorette." This feels like a pretty smart (and spoiler-free) confirmation of the above, and it's guaranteed to be drawn out and dramatic, if franchise history is any indication. Think The Fence Jump, just earlier in the season.

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Old Bachelor Nation favorites will return.

The switch-up is unprecedented—so is the delay in filming, come to that—so to make the whole process easier, ABC is throwing a bunch of Bachelor stars into this season. None of them will compete, to be clear, as was originally speculated when they showed up on set. Instead, franchise favorites will probably show up to advise Crawley and/or Adams on their crazy season in what was already a crazy year.

So far, old cast members who have been spotted on the set include: Hannah Ann Sluss, Becca Kufrin (will she talk about her breakup?), Sydney Lotuaco, Ashley Iaconetti, and Amanda Stanton.

Chris Harrison will be briefly replaced as host.

Say it ain't so! Chris Harrison, the living emblem of the Bachelor universe, will disappear for two weeks. That's because Harrison wanted to drop his son Joshua—who you'll remember from The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons of All Time—off at college, and that required him to leave the set and quarantine for two weeks. He'll be replaced during that time with JoJo Fletcher, an all-time fan favorite whose season was aired recently on Greatest Seasons of All Time. She remains engaged to the winner of her own season, Jordan Rodgers.

Things will look a little different on The Bachelorette set.

Obviously, we're still in the middle of a pandemic, and the set of this season will reflect that. Among other details, we know that the Fantasy Suites will take place in vintage Airstreams (romantic!), and the entire season with take place at La Quinta resort in Palm Springs, California (both Clare's part of the season and Tayshia's). Hometown dates will go ahead, but family members will be flown in rather than Tayshia and her suitors going to them. Everyone on the set, from the cast to the producers to the videographers, will have to have tested negative for COVID-19 and quarantine for two weeks before being exposed to other people.

It's also rumored that La Quinta is hosting another franchise of the Bachelor universe, though it's not exactly clear what. Fans think it could be Bachelor In Paradise or Bachelor Pad, or even a new quarantine-edition Bachelor show.

We know who got Tayshia's First Impression rose—and who the villain might be.

Information is still trickling out about Tayshia's part of the season, but so far we know that her first impression rose was given to Spencer Robertson. But don't get your hopes up: Robertson was gone fairly quickly, and didn't even make it to hometowns, according to RS. (You can learn more about Spencer here.)

Meanwhile, in the "villain" bucket we've got Yosef Aborady, a part-time model and medical manager. According to RS, he had some "choice words" for Crawley, whatever that means. (Maybe it's to do with her early feelings for Moss and not giving other contestants a chance? Which kind of sounds more authentic than most Bachelorette seasons? But I digress.) Also, Reality Steve says this is—no surprise—the moment that Crawley eliminates Aborady. Should be quite the scene...sort of a Juan Pablo 2.0 situation, perhaps? (Also, does he get to come back for Tayshia? If I know the producers, it's absolutely something they'd do, so TBD.)

We may also have Adams' top contestants.

So, fair warning, because none of this is verified, but spoiler account @bachdetective claims to have a list of the top six contestants. There are seven in that post, but they say Noah was eliminated.

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To be clear: No one (that I could see online) has confirmation of her top four yet or her final selection. No one knows if she chose someone, if she decided to end the season single, or if some other insane thing happened, as with Peter Weber's season (oh, Peter). It might be hard to top the Crawley-quitting-the-show moment, but we'll see.

There are already theories about who won.

With all that said, Bachelorette spoilers are already working hard to capture every single social media action taken by every single contestant (sleuthing is no joke, guys). And one contestant who's gotten people's attention is this guy. Meet Bennett Jordan, the center of "the donut theory":

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And yes, you totally read that right. This Harvard grad and banking professional isn't just cute—he apparently might be pretty important to Adams. We already know he's among the top contestants, per the above list. As spotted by Cosmo, he also:

  1. reactivated his social media later than a lot of the other men (this can be used as a way to see who went home early and who stayed on the season, although it's not a foolproof system),
  2. went through an Instagram scrub, which a lot of the guys do as they prepare to become more well-known,
  3. now has a sly reference to "doughnuts and green juice" on his Instagram profile—and Adams just posted some yummy donuts to her story.

    Could this just be a coincidence and not related to Adams' final selection? Yup! But it does seem as though at a minimum this may indicate that Jordan does well on Adams' season. Jordan doesn't really post all that often, but we may start to hear a lot more about him, so keep an eye out. Honestly, this season can't start soon enough.

    The Bachelorette airs October 13 at 8 p.m. E.T. on ABC.

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