Who Is Ivan Hall, the 'Bachelorette' Contestant Who's a Frontrunner This Season?

He "builds jets for the U.S. military."

Ivan Hall
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Spoilers for this season of The Bachelorette. In case you missed it, this is the season of two Bachelorettes: Clare Crawley, who quit the show early to be with one of the contestants, and Tayshia Adams, who finished out the season. Now, speculation is rampant for which contestant Adams picks for her winner—and one we already know is important is Ivan Hall. We know he's close with his family and has an absolutely cool job that should help him stand out from the other contestants. Apparently, intelligence and ambition are huge turn-ons for him, which bodes well for the likes of Adams (and Crawley, too, which was probably why he was selected in the first place). This is everything we know about the 28-year-old engineer from Texas—and how far does he makes it in the season after Crawley leaves.

Ivan has a very cool job.

Hall lives in Dallas, TX, but grew up in Plano, TX, and was born in Chicago, IL. His favorite sports teams hail from either Chicago or Dallas, per his Facebook. Per his LinkedIn, he's an engineer at Lockheed Martin (sooo...he's smart, basically) and he got his B.S. from Texas Tech.

His ABC bio literally says he's "building jets for the U.S. military," so he's definitely got a ton to tell Adams about. His Insta bio also says he's an "investor." Apparently he also wants to own his own exotic car rental company one day—and his Insta highlights features vintage cars. Oh and exercise: He's super into working out.

Ivan is super close with his family.

Hall's Instagram is filled with family, including his dad and brother (he's also referred to himself as a "middle child" so he may have two siblings):

According to his bio, he apparently talks to his mom every day, and loves her Filipino cooking (swipe to see pics of him and his fam).

And we're probably going to see more of his family, because...

Ivan is critical to Tayshia's Bachelorette journey.

Ready for some spoilers? Okay, let's go: Hall makes Tayshia Adams' final four, but he doesn't end up winning (although her eventual winner, Zac Clark, doesn't technically win either—the two don't end up getting engaged). But Hall does make hometowns—which are set in vintage Airstreams this season, if you wondered how that's going to go—so he's sent home somewhere between introducing Adams to his family and proposing to her. Full spoilers here, if you have the stomach for it (warning: it gets messy...again).

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