'Tiny Pretty Things' Season 2: Everything We Know

What's next for the students at the Archer School of Ballet?

Tiny Pretty Things is exactly the type of escapism the world needs to close out 2020, with an addictive mixture of gorgeous ballet performances and improbable scandals that are (hopefully) so far from real life that you won't be able to look away for 10 episodes straight. Netflix's newest YA series, based on the novel of the same name by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, has been repeatedly described as a cross between Black Swan and Pretty Little Liars. That translates to a show that will have you completely, irreversibly hooked by the first episode—or, more likely, in the first few minutes, which will have you totally invested in finding out who caused a star ballerina to fall off a rooftop, and fully entranced by the perfectly choreographed dance scenes.

Honestly, with its delightfully campy dialogue, nearly unbelievable plotlines, and incredible dance breaks, the show's only flaw is that there isn't more of it. With any luck, we'll get another batch of episodes of Tiny Pretty Things in the very near future—here's what we know so far about a second season of the series.

Has Netflix renewed Tiny Pretty Things for a second season?

Though new episodes of the show aren't yet in the works, it's very possible that they could be soon, based on how popular Tiny Pretty Things is with viewers. Netflix doesn't follow a strict schedule when it comes to renewing its original productions: Sometimes, a new season is ordered within a few days of the previous one's premiere, and sometimes a renewal doesn't come until several months later. Basically, it's a good time to turn on news alerts for Tiny Pretty Things and start hoping the news comes sooner rather than later.

When would season two premiere?

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If Netflix decides to greenlight another set of episodes following the students of Chicago's prestigious (and fictional) Archer School of Ballet, it seems likely that they could take a year or two to arrive. Production began on the first season in August 2019—the same day that Netflix announced its series order on the show—and wrapped the following December.

Depending on how long it takes to restart work on the show, it could feasibly take another year and a half to premiere a second season, placing the release date around mid-2022. Netflix has been known to move faster than that, but Tiny Pretty Things may require a longer production time due to the need to choreograph and rehearse the show's breathtaking dance scenes on top of everything else it takes to create a 10-episode series. 

What would a second season be about?

Netflix's decision to renew Tiny Pretty Things might be made a lot easier by the fact that the book it's based on has a sequel that could definitely be mined for a new season's worth of content. Shiny Broken Pieces picks up right where its predecessor left off, with Bette, June, and Neveah (Gigi in the books), now seniors at ASB, turning their focus from winning the lead role in the annual school showcase to earning a spot in a major ballet company after graduation. If you thought Tiny Pretty Things was a wildly intense story of cutthroat competition, just wait until you see what happens when you add in a certain ballerina's no-holds-barred desire to avenge the events of the previous year. Let's just say that getting pushed off the roof of the school might be the least of their worries this time around.

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