Adria Biles, Simone Biles' Sister, Is a Former Gymnast and Simone's Biggest Fan

Simone Biles' little sister, Adria Biles, is a fellow gymnast, a Simone lookalike, and a fierce champion of her famous sister.

topshot usas simone biles reacts after competing in the artistic gymnastics balance beam event of the womens qualification during the tokyo 2020 olympic games at the ariake gymnastics centre in tokyo on july 25, 2021 photo by loic venance afp photo by loic venanceafp via getty images
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After Simone Biles exited the team finals at the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics, then subsequently the individual all-around competition, her sister Adria Biles rushed to support her. "y’all are all about mental health until it no longer benefits you.. i can’t imagine being that inconsiderate WHEWWWW" she tweeted, in what was clearly a reference to the nasty comments the star gymnast was getting for choosing to sit out the competition for her own well-being. But this is far from the first time Adria, who's two years younger than her famous sibling, has shown steadfast support: She has a history of being fiercely loyal to Simone, and the two have always had an exceptionally close relationship. So what do we know about Adria?

Who is Adria Biles?

Adria is actually one of four of Simone's biological siblings: The two also have an older brother, Ron Jr., and an older sister Ashley Biles Thomas. Adria, according to Twitter, is in dental school and aiming to work in hygiene.

The younger sister of the famed gymnast is actually a former gymnast herself. She started when she was 9 years old and ended up competing at the junior elite level, even training with Simone until 2016. The two also spent time together in the foster system before being adopted together by their parents, Ron and Nellie, when Simone was 6 and Adria was 4.

Adria spoke about Simone to ESPN, saying, "My sister is fearless," adding, "When we were little kids, we'd stand on a railing on the second floor of our house, then jump off onto the couch down below on the first floor. She'd go first, and I'd follow. We were both gymnasts, so we were always trying things around the house. Nothing scared her." In a June 2021 Facebook Watch documentary she said her sister was "bossy" growing up and the two fought "all the time ... but she's my best friend."

Adria is a huge cheerleader for her sister.

It's immediately obvious how Adria feels about her sis as soon as you see her Twitter: "my sister is amazing. that’s it. that’s the tweet." is pinned on her profile. She's also amplified and supported her sister often, including nasty comments after Simone's disclosures about sexual abuse, and the anxiety Simone said she felt afterwards.

Adria told ESPN that she was there to cheer her sister on during Simone's last Olympics experience: "Everyone expected Simone to win in Rio. She told me once that she did feel the pressure, and that it was more pressure than she'd ever felt before. She said the expectations were hard—and she didn't want to disappoint anyone. But she also told me that she knew she was ready." She said that because the two look so similar, they were even mistaken for each other (even though Adria is several inches taller).

In the Facebook documentary, Simone spoke about the restrictions against spectators at the Tokyo Olympics and how it would be "weird" not to have her supportive family there: "They've never missed a competition."

Adria rushed to support her sister during the Tokyo Olympics.

In her characteristically supportive way, Adria came quickly to her sister's defense in the aftermath of Simone's prioritizing her health and wellbeing at the Tokyo Olympics—and after Simone was (unfairly) criticized for her decision:

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Adria's brother Ron also tweeted in support, saying, "She really needs them at this time, and is having a hard time. You’re still GOAT Simone and no one can ever take that away from you!! You’re an amazing woman, talented gymnast, and I know you can bounce from this." So Simone's family has her back 100 percent.

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