The Intern Files: The Happy Tears Movie Premiere

On my gap year between high school and college, I've left London to get a taste of what it's like at a New York magazine. And my two-week stint at Marie Claire has started out fabulously. My first on-the-job assignment was to cover the premiere of Happy Tears, a dramedy about two daughters played by Demi Moore and Parker Posey looking after their dementia-stricken father (Rip Torn). Usually people find attending premieres to be a tad disappointing, but with my press credentials I found status on the other side of the rope. Shaking with excitement, I waited for Demi Moore at the very end of the press lineup—mere feet from the heavenly Ashton Kutcher in an alluring Russian hat. Demi wore an outfit plucked from Donna Karan's fashion week showcase. (Karan sponsored the evening along with The Cinema Society.) Moore saw the show the day before and said she thought it was "quite spectacular." Ellen Barkin who wore L'Wren Scott said that her interest in fashion began and ended with that designer as she sticks to her staple black for dress, pants and shoes and in terms of fashion trends is simply "not that interested in any of it." She called me beautiful and I had to bite my tongue to stop from saying something weird and stalkerish. Parker Posey, the only girl not to cling to black, matched her colorful graffiti outfit with a cheerful and bubbly attitude. Now let's get to the film: it was sweet and heart-warming. There was some great characterization especially from Barkin, playing the truly terrifying and disgusting father's girlfriend, and had some moments of real humor. Overall, the evening was amazing. The one thing I missed was a super-sized soda, a hot dog and two hamster cheeks of popcorn and skittles. But hey, my first star-studded event in New York City couldn't have been better.

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