Are Harry and Beaux Together After 'Too Hot to Handle'?

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

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Huge spoilers ahead for season 3 of Too Hot to Handle. Amid the rule breaks and eye-wateringly gorgeous location shots, the third season of Too Hot to Handle saw an unexpectedly tender pairing: Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson. Unlike most couples in Too Hot to Handle, whose relationships start with sexual tension and end with thousands of dollars lost, Beaux and Harry spent the first several episodes of season three as friends, bedmates, and occasional cuddle buddies.

"I'm starting to notice that she's got a really cute laugh," Harry says of Beaux during the body-painting extravaganza of episode four. "I think there's a little connection growing," Beaux says during her confessional in the same episode.

By episode five, things are heating up between them. "Me and Beaux have both been on a roller coaster, and at the start we weren't anything. Now, I do think there's something there," Harry says at the beginning of the episode. Patrick, being Patrick, implores Harry to share his feelings with Beaux, which he does—and what do you know, Beaux feels the same! Ish! "[Let's] just go with the flow, see what happens, and if something comes out of it, then it does," she tells Harry.

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"I do like Harry," Beaux says in her confessional. "I don't want to be hurt. I've been hurt badly in the past."

By the end of the season—again, spoilers ahead—Beaux and Harry are boyfriend and girlfriend, and they leave the villa hand-in-hand. They also leave with $90,000 (!) to be split between them, after the cast and Lana determined that "Barry" had mutually grown more than any other person or couple in the villa. The final episode even features a couples' confessional, with Beaux and Harry addressing the camera together. "We went from nothing to being in love!" Harry jokes.

Are Beaux and Harry still together?

Sadly, Beaux and Harry are no longer together—but both have said in interviews that they're open to getting back together.

On the Too Hot to Handle reunion show, posted to Instagram on January 26 and filmed before promotion for the show began in mid-January, the onetime couple bantered back and forth before revealing that they'd split. "Our relationship status now is single, but we do talk every day," Harry said. "Who knows what could happen? Obviously, we haven't seen each other yet...We struggled a lot with the distance, and when we came back to the U.K., we were in a full lockdown." He added, "Never say never," and Beaux agreed.

In an interview with Narcity, Beaux went into more detail about what went wrong: "I've never personally done long distance, so I think I was a bit scared when I'd come out of the retreat. I went from being with him every single day and then all of a sudden to nothing, and we were both dreading it...It was quite tricky, so we actually, unfortunately, split up."

She added: "We've rekindled the last few weeks, and it's been really, really good...If we do try again, which I think we are, we are going to obviously cope with the distance stuff, and I've got a feeling he might move a little bit nearer to me anyway."

During promo for Too Hot to Handle in January and February 2022, both Beaux and Harry posted Instagram stories that suggested they were romantically involved again—kissing, holding hands, snuggling together—though neither confirmed they were officially back together.

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Worth noting: Back in February, on their way back from Turks and Caicos, there was an incident on a British Airways flight involving both Beaux and Harry. Per the BBC, Beaux and Harry were "kissing and behaving intimately" and asked to cool off, but became abusive towards flight attendants and refused to put on their face masks. Both were arrested, charged, and fined once the flight landed. Speaking to The Sun, the couple apologized profusely, with Harry noting: "Obviously, it just was a drunk mistake."