The Cast of 'Cheer' Plays 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?'

Gabi Butler and Morgan Simianer make for a truly cheerful (see what we did there?) pair.

Gabi Butler and Morgan Simianer are proof that nothing bonds you more than being Navarro teammates. (I mean, those stunts and pyramids require a whole lot of trust.)

The cheerleaders and stars of Netflix's Cheer played a round of Marie Claire's trivia game, How Well Do You Know Your Co-Star?, and had no trouble guessing each other's favorite colors and places to shop (Target! relatable!). And while they fooled each other with a few tricky Qs, ultimately their experiences on and off the mat were enough to win them both a championship trivia title in our eyes.

Watch them play the game above, and then catch the second season of the docuseries, streaming now.

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