25 Sad Songs for When You Just Want to Sit with Your Feelings

A bit of wallowing never hurt anyone.

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Yeah, everything kind of sucks right now, but it's okay to be sad sometimes. So why not take the opportunity to soak in the ambience with some mood music? Here, 25 sad songs to listen to as you stare plaintively out of a bus/car/train window.

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1 Cam, "Palace"

Cam's cover of Sam Smith's "Palace" (which she originally wrote, btw) is a heartbreakingly mature tribute to an ex lover who she clearly still loves. "And I'm gonna miss you / And I'm still there / Sometimes I wish we never built this palace / But real love is never a waste of time."

2 Mac Miller, "Self Care"

Mac Miller's tragic death at 26 is still fresh in our minds. It seems appropriate to just sit quietly and listen to this song while reflecting on his life. Call it self-care.

3 Manchester Orchestra, "I Can Feel a Hot One"

Manchester Orchestra's 2009 song wins the rip-your-heart-out award every time you listen to it with its harrowing instrumentals and the lyrics to go along with them.

4 Florence + The Machine, "The End of Love"

"The End of Love" makes itself a home on Florence + The Machine's newest album, High as Hope. The title pretty much sums up the vibe.

5 John Mayer, "Heartbreak Warfare"

"Heartbreak Warfare" makes it to the number five spot on our "Best John Mayer Songs of All Time" list because, well, it's really good and will immediately put you in your feels.

6 The Weeknd, "Call Out My Name"

When he says, "I almost cut a piece of myself for your life / Guess I was just another pit stop / 'Til you made up your mind / You just wasted my time" ...I felt that.

7 Secondhand Serenade, "Goodbye"

If you're looking for the adult version of Secondhand Serenade's "Fall for You," this is it.

8 Lorde, "Liability"

Say hello to the magnum opus of Lorde's second studio album, Melodrama. You feel her heart (and yours simultaneously) being ripped out in every single line. It makes you want to stick it to anybody who thought you were "too much" for them. Good cry guaranteed.

9 Bon Iver, "Re: Stacks"

This sad, reflective song plays in my yoga class every time we sit in shavasana. It's very relaxing, but also very emotional.

10 Demi Lovato, "Stone Cold"

"I was your amber, but now she's your shade of gold." Demi giving us all of the feels with this raw, emotional single from her 2015 album, Confident.

11 Drake, "Marvin's Room"

The OG sad song of sad songs. Ten out of 10 would not recommend putting this Drake throwback on your pregame playlist.

12 Rachael Yamagata, "Be Be Your Love"

Yeah, this is the song you hear in the movies when the good girl doesn't get the guy. Now you're just sitting there wondering what you did to deserve this tragedy.

13 BLOXX, "Coke"

Someone put this in a teen movie where the heroine drives around pondering the "what are we?" relationship question. (I hear this continues well into your 30s, so this sort of good guitar music could work for a movie about that too—if Hollywood ever decides to acknowledge women of that age.)

14 Declan McKenna, "Why Do You Feel So Down?"

Don't be fooled by the cheery morning-aerobics video concept—the introspective lyrics put a happy face on such universal struggles as trying to be cool and feeling like you're constantly messing up.

15 Flume feat. Kai, "Never Be Like You"

Electro-pop can be sad, especially when the lyrics describe your exact life situation: "Hey, the narrator (you) did something wrong to warrant the ending of a relationship, and now he/she (you) should feel regret about it."

16 Frank Ocean, "Bad Religion"

"It's a bad religion to be in love with someone who could never love you." You really feel for Frank as he sings about struggling with his sexuality, though the sense of impossibility is much more pervasive than that.

17 Glass Animals, "Agnes"

Let's put it this way: When this comes up on shuffle, remove yourself from any group situations or you might frighten someone with a sudden emotional outburst. How could you not with this epic, chest-cavity-filling track about watching helplessly as someone deals with overwhelming heartache?

18 Julien Baker, "Appointments"

So beautiful, so emotional, you'll find yourself welling up (at the very least). It's Julien Baker, after all.

19 Lana Del Rey, "Is This Happiness"

When did you get so dark, LDR? With lyrics like "One gun on the table / Headshot if you're able," this is a morbidly pretty single that perhaps should've made the cut on her third studio album, Ultraviolence.

20 Laura Marling, "Blackberry Stone"

"I'd be sad that I never held your hand as you were lowered / But I'd understand that I'd never let it go." This song cuts to the chase quickly, but you'll enjoy it as you bleed out.

21 Mac DeMarco, "Without Me"

This song is even sadder as an acoustic, which is why we've included this version featuring ol' Mac strumming his guitar while sitting on a tree stump in the woods.

22 Mating Ritual feat. Lizzy Land, "Cold"

Can a song make you feel shivery? Even though this track is outwardly a love song, you still get hints of past regrets, which—coupled with a massive hook—make for prime wrapped-up-in-a-blanket-burrito-on-the-floor material.

23 Phoenix, "If I Ever Feel Better"

The answer to Why am I crying in the club? every time.

24 Radiohead, "How to Disappear Completely"

A song so melancholy you'll feel like you're an astronaut who's become untethered from the space station. Line that'll most likely make you say "same:" "I’m not here / This isn’t happening."

25 The xx, "On Hold"

Romy Madley Croft really goes for the jugular here with no-holds-barred emotion in her vocals. Doesn't hurt (slash help) that the subject matter is, once again, a relationship that didn't work out.

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